Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 63: Calming Connie....

Today was 5:30 with Connie.  She's a very calming type person.  I like her class, it has a nice flow and she really gives great tips on some of the postures.  My ears perk up and I catch new tidbits all of the time.  Then a light bulb goes on and I modify something.  Her class is great for working on form.  After class, she told me I had a nice standing bow!  How cool is that!
Ashley came with me and sat out probably 2/3 of the class.  Her allergies were acting up all day, she was sneezing like a maniac and had red eyes.  She didn't feel good but tried yoga anyway.  She did stay in the room though and layed on her mat alot.  I commend her for even going.
Tomorrow Ashley and I are spending the day on Lake Mead with some of my friends.  There will be two boats and some fun water activities.  Can't wait!  That does mean I will most likely miss yoga tomorrow and I already know I'm going to miss a couple of days next week.  Already I will have anywhere from three to five doubles to do when I get back from San Diego next week.  Its early in the month so I'm going to stay positive and just do doubles everyday on the weekends when I get back from my short trip.  I'd love to hit 90 classes by the end of August.  
I'm not even going to do a bonus post about week 6 on Jenny because the scale there was not nice to me this week.  It's my fault, because after three doubles in a row last weekend I was ravenous for the three days following.  And eating lettuce just didn't sound good to me!  I am really not bummed out or upset because my clothes are all very very loose and I can tell my hips are getting smaller when I look at myself in the yoga mirror.  So I am just going to stay on track this week and hope for a big number next weekend.  I realize this whole thing is more about the journey than the destination of "losing 35 pounds".  I will by no means be done when I get to my goal weight.  In fact, that's when the real work begins for me personally.  I have never learned how to maintain a healthy weight and stop the vicious balloon up, slim down cycle.  That will take alot of learning, dedication, focus and determination.  It will be the life equivalent of "locking the knee".  It took me months to learn how to lock my knee and it still is something I have to think about and focus on.  This is no different!

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