Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 67: Going out with a Solid Practice....

5:30 pm with Oksana, a solid practice.  I thanked her after class and she said "nice work Michelle".  So off I go, to missing TWO days (yikes) and trying to LET IT GO that I have to miss two days.  The progress I am making with my practice is amazing.  I can get through a solid standing series without really feeling like I'm dying....which is how I used to feel!  I am breathing in and out normally, always going back to my breath when the heart rate elevates, and I just keep breathing in and out through the nose and the heart rate always slows.  Its amazing how much progress I've made.  
A first timer was behind me, and she looked familiar.  Then in the locker room after practice she said "Michelle, you were incredible in there, how long have you been doing this?"  Click!  Oh, thats where I know her from....she works for the same company, different location.  Haven't seen her in years.  So I thanked her for saying that, told her how long I've been practicing and shared with her that I couldn't even pick up my foot for standing head to knee at first, nor for standing bow.  I told her I've never felt better in my life and the sense of well being you get from Bikram is unsurpassed by any other form of exercise in my book!  Hopefully she will come back.  It's always great to see people trying it for the first time.  It never ceases to take me back immediately to the place I started from and I pause, and go "OH! I've come soooo far!".  It helps keep me grounded.
I'll be back Saturday with a post, as I'll be doing a class after a two day break.
Confession: I packed my yoga bag and will bring it tomorrow night.  Because on the OFF chance that my team gets done bowling by 8, I'd be able to boogie on up to the 8:30 class.  If I miss that one, 10:30 is next and that's too late.  So no, I'm not in total acceptance of my two day break.  My team bowls slow, so chances of making that class are not good.  Bag is packed and waiting though!  End of Confession

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