Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 72: Hot in La Jolla

Ah, San Diego. I'm so in love with this area. Right now the window is open and the weather is perfect!
So today was 12 noon yoga in La Jolla with a teacher named Reegan. She was very no nonsense and taught a solid class. Cute little California looking girl. Blessedly, she opened the back doors halfway through the class. Right as Cassie was contemplating leaving. Cassie is the roommate of the friend (Rob) I am staying with and it was only her second time trying Bikram. The first time was in April, my last trip out here. Cassie did a great job, even wrapped her legs in eagle. She did every single posture...thats the benefit of being 23 and skinny! :) Cassie and I both noticed though that the room was a lot hotter this time and they do not have any fans. Yes, I get spoiled in Vegas with the fans. I haven't done yoga since last Wednesday (shame on me!) and have a ton of classes to double up on if I am going to make 90 in 90. It felt great to be there today...four days without yoga was not enjoyable for me. I missed it terribly. Funny, being in a different studio without my own mat and without my yogi toes towels I felt a little insecure, like my practice would be alot different, worse maybe. I guess it just goes to show how much of a comfort zone I've gotten into. So when I get back to Vegas, I plan on moving around the room, away from my normal "spot", cranking out some doubles, and trying to get into the small room whenever possible. Need to shake things up!
Ok, now Rob and I are off to sushi!
Love this city. *sigh*.

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