Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 65: Kill the Pain with the Pain

It's back.  The lower back pain.  I had to subscribe to the "kill the pain with the pain" mantra today  (one of Dray's favorites).
I took yesterday off from yoga and was out on Lake Mead boating all day.  The water was too choppy to do water sports, so we beached the boats and swam.  It was a very fun and very mellow day.  I for sure did not do anything to my back yesterday.  But lo and behold, the lower back pain came back with a vengeance last night.  Looking back, the pain happened roughly a month ago, and it was the "same time of the month" if you know what I mean.   So I suppose this is some new and exciting female thing I get to suffer through monthly and could be tied to doing so very much yoga and trying to open my back, and then once a month, getting cramps that constrict the belly/back area.  Hence the pain.  This was Connie's theory today when I spoke to her about it anyway.  She was at the studio taking the class before me, so I ran my tale of woe by her.  The pain was so severe today that I could barely walk, and I had to take 400 mg of Ibuprofen just to be able to sit in my chair without screaming at work.
Needless to say, I was looking forward to yoga today because I'm totally on board with yoga fixing back issues as was proven to me last month when I suffered this dilemma.  If I remember correctly, it only lasted a couple of days.
Tonight was 5:30 pm yoga with Dray and yes, it did help my back.  I could barely do the forward fold, and at the very end of the class, the stretching posture just before final spinal twisting killed me so I sat out the second set.  All other postures were fine.  I did take it easy on the situps, very easy.  Right now I feel much better.  I have some soreness still, but nothing like this morning.  I literally had tears in my eyes at work this morning, it was that bad.
As far as the "90 classes in 90 days" I am officially one class behind.  Its only going to get worse as I miss Thursday night due to bowling (with the changed schedule they now only offer 8:30 - bowling not done early enough...and 10:30- way too late for me, I have to work at 7:30 the next morning) and Friday night due to having a little party at my house Friday night.  Then Sunday I fly to San Diego and will be there until Wednesday.  I plan on going to yoga Mon/Tues in La Jolla, but that means I'll miss Sunday.  So that will be FOUR behind only a week and a half into it!  But I can do it.  This I now know!  I can bang out three doubles in a row when I get home and be well on my way to completing the 90 in 90.  I have myself!

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