Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Final Post: Hot with Reegan again, Ocean Beach and a Belly Button Ring

Yup, you read that right.  Final post.  I now have 6 classes to make up to get to 90 in 90 and just don't feel like putting that kind of pressure on myself.  So I made 63 classes in 63 days and I'm good with that.  I will do another challenge in January and will blog right here on this same website again.  
So yesterday was 12 noon yoga in La Jolla again.  Cassie came with me again and we had the same teacher.  The room was even hotter and I was sick to my stomach half the class.  Its not like I did anything strenuous the day, lay out at the pool, sushi and then saw the new Batman (awesome movie by the way!) so I'm not sure why I was such a baby...but I was...a big fat baby.  I took a knee several times and only did one set of several postures.  Cassie, on her third class ever did better than me.  She's very good for a newbie by the way.  Too bad the whole thing is cost prohibitive for her, because I could picture her really getting into it otherwise. 
So after yoga we layed out by the pool again and then went down to Ocean Beach.  We had the best fish tacos ever and then I went and got a belly button ring from a small tattoo shop.  The guy had pictures of Kid Rock and Rose McGowan getting tattoos from him.  I'm going back there someday to get the butterfly tattoo on the back of my shoulder that I've been wanting for months now.  I've had my belly button pierced before but it was ten years ago.  Ouch!  Forgot how bad it hurts!  So now I just have to put sea salt and wash it with anti-bacterial soap and it should heal in a month.  I'll probably get a different piece of jewelry for it eventually because the one that came with the piercing keeps disappearing into my extremely "inny" belly button and is not going to work out for the long haul.  I might need to get something slightly dangly.
After that, we went to listen to a live band who had a cool reggae flavor and were just awesome!  We danced and had a great time.  Cassie and I were especially letting our hair down.  She's a fun girl and I just love her to death.  Rob did good picking his roommate out!  The weather was once again perfect....sunny, 85, breezy...just gorgeous.  God I wish I could move down there right this very minute!  I got home today to the 104 degree Las Vegas ugly dusty desert and just immediately felt very sorry for myself.  Oh well. back to work and bowling tomorrow.  Then lots of school clothes shopping and a haircut for Ash this weekend.  Back to real life I guess.
Thanks to all of you who read my blog during my challenge.  


  1. OK I write this HUGE comment to another of your posts yesterday and Blogger ate it. Grrr.... so mad.

    Anyhow, BIG CONGRATS to you on finishing your Challenge. Feels SO good, doesn't it? I am so excited for you and all that you have seen happen in your practice and in your life. I hope you keep blogging about your yoga, I love reading it!!!

    Thanks for all of your comments and encouragement. Can't wait to see what the next few months are like!

    Many blessings and Namaste!