Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 66: I saw my mat in Camel

Ash and I went to 5:30 pm with Oksana.  This is where the magic happened....where I saw my mat in camel!!
, so some of you may be going "so what?"  Perhaps you see your mat everytime you do camel.  Not me, I'm usually hanging there staring at the bottom of the back wall, where it meets the floor.  I can see the floor leading up to my mat also.  But not the mat itself.  Today, in second set of camel, I really tried to relax my shoulders while still pushing my hips forward toward the front mirror and suddenly I was upside down staring at my bright yellow yogi toes towel laying over my hot pink mat.  HOT DAMN!  I could see approx. one fourth of my mat!  I was truly upside down!  Oh yeah, Oh yeah, do the camel dance!

Confession:  I am seriously stressing out about missing Thursday, Friday and Sunday for yoga.  I am such a wreck about it that I was considering going at 10:30 pm Thursday night after bowling.  Am I crazy?  Bowling is over by 8:30.  I'd have to sit around for almost two hours by the time I got up there and I would be exhausted for work the next day!  The fact that I am so distressed by missing three days really sets off warning bells, red flags, whistles, etc. in my head.  Whoa girl!  What is going to happen if you miss those three days?  Nothing.  I'm not going to gain back the 8 pounds I've lost, I'm not going to lose all of the progress I've made on my postures and I'm not going to get complacent and not want to come back.  There, I just shot down all of my silly fears.  That being said I am going to FORCE myself to let go completely regarding these three days and not feel guilty, not stress out and not beat myself up about it.  Yes, I tend to do that...beat myself up.  If I want to make the 90 in 90 I'll have four doubles to do.  No biggie, I have proven that I can knock those out when I need to.  End of Confession.

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