Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 7: This is the week of the bow....

Well, one week down, 7 more to go.  I am feeling strong, healthy, no issues as of yet.  I did feel some very faint soreness back in my hamstrings toward the end of class today, but nothing serious.  Just a few weeks ago I was flat on my back sick and miserable.  I remember that feeling vividly as I sit here and type this and all I can say is I am sooooo grateful to feel well and healthy right now.  
Before I write about my post title, let me just mention that yesterday was my one week weigh in for Jenny Craig.  4.6 pounds gone.  Yippee!!!!  
This past week I've made leaps and bounds of progress on standing bow.  Not really in the sense of getting into it any deeper, but more on a level of endurance.  I am finally figuring out how to get that fifty-fifty kicking and stretching feeling where suddenly the struggle eases up and you can....balance....without so much effort.  When that happens, suddenly you can just stay there and surf your breath and not "fight" to stay in it, it just happens.  More often than not this week I've been able to stay in for the entire second set, sometimes on both sides (second set is 30 seconds).   Its a beautiful feeling, like dancing, or flying.  I love that posture.  When we finally get to it in the standing series, alot of times I will think to myself "yes! standing bow! this is why I'm here!"
When I first started this yoga, I could not even reach back and pick my foot up, much less kick it behind me, and certainly that sucker wasn't going to come up over the back of my head.  It does now.  My leg is way up there, coming up over the back of my head, I can see most of my calf in the mirror and there is a nice curve in my spine.  It's really just amazing when I stop for a moment and realize just how far I have come from that first class in April of 2007!

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