Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 16: Distractions and an ANNOUNCEMENT OF EPIC* PROPORTIONS!

*Epic is Dancing J's word of the day

Tonight was 530 with Dray. I had a pretty good class. Felt strong, flexible, challenge worthy. I was a bit distracted though and had to pull my hidden talent (thousand yard stare) out of my hip pocket to make it through. There were five, count 'em FIVE very attractive men all practicing on the SAME side of the room as me. In a class of about 13, having them all around me was, ahem, um, distracting to say the least. These distractions are probably always there at yoga. The important thing is that I noticed them tonight. My heart was broken very severely last spring. I completely shut down after that. I tried dating (even online dating!) and just could not really feel any sort of anything at all. I felt like part of me had been trampled like a bug. Alas, there I was tonight, aware of the male species in a way I haven't been in many months. They could all be married, engaged, living with someone, dating....whatever. None of that matters. I'm not looking for a date. I'm just happy to feel again. It's exhilarating!

OK, enough of my silly distractions. Now for the big announcement that is going to rock the Bikram blogging community: We (Bikram Bloggers) are organizing an official "Bikram Blogosphere 101 Day Challenge".

....Marinate on that......

Seriously, think about it. January 1st, 2010 several Bikram yogis from around the world will do this challenge, blog about it, and be listed on a central blog that The Missus is currently working on. You know you want to do it. All of the cool kids in the Bikram blogging community are doing it. (Did that work? I hope so)
I will post the rules, the blog site and more info as it comes to fruition. Dancing J, The Missus and I are working to pull this together.

Come on, what do you have to lose? Nothing. And you have everything to gain.......


  1. Well, you know I'm in! Of course, I'll be at around 250 by the time the 101 days are up:)

  2. I'm sure I can talk some New Zealanders into this. Just so you can add another country of course,or maybe just for the challenge. :)

  3. I love this post in so many ways. :-D

    xoxo, J

  4. Oh wow! Quite a challenge and absolutely something to think about! And congrats on noticing all those hot men last night. I know the feeling of having your heart broken and how hard it is to move on. But you have taken a huge step forward. Good for you! Hugs!

  5. Greg~ You are my hero **bows with respect**
    Anon from New Zealand~ Yes! New Zealanders must join the fun! Then we can really say "bloggers from around the world!"
    J~ You are a doll. Can't wait to meet you IRL in just a couple of weeks! woot woot!
    Traci~ Thank you! It seemed to take me awhile to recover, but recover I did. Phew. That one left a mark! Hugs back and happy turkey day.

  6. I really want to do this but I'll be in Vancouver (WA) the first 4 days of the year and I haven't been able to find a studio near the place where I am staying :( If the weather allows it, I could drive to Portland. We'll see. Sounds like a cool project!!! I'll be following the blogs no matter what.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. cirita~ doubles when you get back? :)=
    Happy Thanksgiving right back at ya woman! Lock your knee while changing those diapers! (BYN)