Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 5: The heat is on....

Back to Dray's new studio for 530 with Dray himself again. As I was signing in, Adele was working the front desk. I yelped and gave her a big hug. She left my studio a few months ago, and I have missed her. She's an awesome instructor and was always at the front desk. Since I usually get to yoga early (if I go home first, I won't go back!) she always kept me company. I was overjoyed to see her. Dray walks in and we all start talking. Good soothing music is playing, incense is burning and the atmoshpere was......just like the old studio before it moved! Adele says, the heater is fixed, for real, and this is the first class in this studio with the correct heat. I went in to lay down my mat, still in work clothes and came out damp. Holy crap! The heater is in fact fixed. Yippee! Dray goes into the yoga room and comes out hooping and hollering. "Yes! That's what I'm talking about! Finally!" He sticks his arm out toward me...."feel!". His arm had droplets of water from just walking in there. Houston, we no longer have a problem! Roberta was there to take the class before teaching 730. The energy was rocking, the room was freakin' hot and it was the best class I've had in awhile! I literally was trying to run through my head my finances, trying to figure out how to have a membership at two studios! Then I realized, crap it's hot, focus, and just centered in on my breathing. Adele kept snapping pics of us when the door was open and I checked them out after class. It was Drays camera and there is a decent one of me in standing bow. If I can get it from him, I will share it with you guys. It is my first in class yoga pic ever! I am so excited! I really want to share it with you guys! When the standing series was almost over Dray says "Michelle, you are in the zone, you're like a machine!". Then after class, he commented again on my focus. I said "ya, that's because I was in survival mode! I was sweating just sitting on my knees waiting for class to begin! I knew I just needed to breathe!". He just laughed. I looked around, at him, at Adele, at the cozy studio that is less than 4 miles from my house and took a deep breath as the realization hit me: I'm going to Dray's studio. I don't know when or how, but that is my new Bikram home.


  1. Oh! Sounds tlike this studio was mad ejust for you! Sounds perfect. Absolutely perfect.
    I'm the same way. There's no way I can go home before class or I might be tempted to just stay there. So I always get to class really early too. Which is good because it lets us talk to the others that we practice next to every day. I'm one of those types who loves to learn about other people! Have a great Saturday. Yeah for heat!

  2. Maybe you can get a refund at your other studio for the portion of the membership you haven't used yet? You did pay for a membership at a Bikram studio, and they have now changed it to something else, so you should be able to make a case for getting some money back. It definitely sounds like this new space is the one for you!

  3. This is GREAT!! Welcome back home. :)

    And yes, you do totally need to track down that picture, even if you never do anything with it except hang it on your wall for yourself...

  4. Yeah, post the picture! Yay for the heat!