Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bonus Post: The Pictures from the Craig Villani Seminar (finally)

Ok, these are totally out of order, but uploading was a beast!  Here they are:

Lisa Johnson and Craig
Craig helping Dominick with Cobra.  Dominick was a visiting teacher from England who was incredible.  I miss him.
Craig demonstrating the forehead to the floor.....awesome!  Cheri (teacher) and not sure about the other **flexible** gals name...but you'll see her down below in other pics

flexible girl...
Yuko, our Japanese doll instructor getting coached on her backbend.  He was trying to get her to arch her chest up more and she lost a little depth in the end, but it was beautiful.

Danielle (student) getting help in standing bow.  Not that she needs it, but his adjustments on her were amazing.
Then he asked for a volunteer of a person who was not so good at standing bow, and he was helping him get his leg up.  He did pretty well!
Flexible Girl again...


  1. CRAIG!!!!

    I will meet him soon. Methinks he's going to be quite challenging. But I'm stoked.

    By the way, sorry I've not been commenting. My life is madness right now with all he preparations for TT. Glad to hear you're finishing soon. I'm still going for 90!