Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 97: Still one behind

Today was 930 with Dionne.  A visiting teacher from Canada.  She was great.  Loved her.  Reggi was to my right and George to my left.  Energy and good feelings flowed between the three of us and we tapped each others arms for full locust.   Had a great practice, my yoga body came back somewhat and I kept telling myself I was warming up for my second class later.   There was no second class later.   I have my daughter this weekend and drove her all over to get her hair cut, eat lunch, shop etc.   I have two more shots at the double.  Either a back to back tomorrow morning if I can get up early enough, or on day 100, which will be Tuesday, I will be forced to do a back to back after work.  It would be tough, but I'm pretty stubborn.  I'll do it even if I'm laying flat on my back half the second class.  No need to come this far and miss by one.  Of course I'm kicking myself for missing last Monday now, but I can't really be too mad because my accomplishment is still pretty amazing.  I guess I needed that day off.  On the bright side it puts me on edge a little, makes it all a little she going to do it folks, can she power out another back to back double which she hates so much??  Stay tuned....

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  1. Come on Mich you can do it! I am rooting for you! There is nothing like turning into Lobster claws when you are low on salt, which is what I was during my double! Haha! But I are my Bikram guru and inspiration...finish it with a big bang! Cheers!