Tuesday, May 26, 2009

day 121 class 113: home sweet home

I walked into the studio tonight excited and scared all at once. Like a distant lover, I have forsaken Bikram for FIVE days. Yup. That's right. FIVE days. I am soft in the middle. The scale is MAD. I was in So. Cal to watch my best friend from high school/college get married on the beach. With perfect weather. It was incredible. We had so much fun this past weekend I cannot even begin to describe. It just confirms that I work to live, not live to work.
So back to yoga. I was so happy to see Reggi. We talked a ton before class. A friend from work also showed up, for his second class ever. He called me today: "I went to Bikram Thurs night and it was tough, but for some strange reason, I want to go back today". I think he will be addicted. :)
Oksana taught and kept the class on the cool side. Surprisingly, I felt flexible, my yoga body showed up. I was so shocked! I couldn't balance very well, but I did not judge, just observe. Oh how I missed Bikram yoga! I am so happy to be back home....


  1. Yea! I took a week off when we had an influx of house guests (more to arrive tomorrow..)
    I went tonight and super duper. I agree, yoga body was on it. I think I've built "points" as Bikram says by this point so I can miss a few - not as many points as YOU! :)
    I was woozy for the last 15. Camel hasn't bothered me in a few months but something was amiss tonight..and yuck.

  2. I'm glad your yoga body showed up... now if only I knew where to find mine... ;-)

  3. I'm glad you had a good time and that you could come back to your yoga feeling renewed and strong.

    I had a weekend of excess in Austin and my return to the mat was not quite as successful, but I'll keep trying.

  4. Oh boy, I didn't blog about it but my return to the mat last night was not so successful. I think the teacher was trying to kill me or something. It was so humid, and she was keeping us in the first three postures forever. By awkward I was dripping and exhausted and close to a panic attack. I had to leave during fixed firm for emergen-C and by spine series my BACK of all things was cramping up so bad I couldn't do any of the postures. Hopefully tonight is better. :)