Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 98: Big Numbers.....

Wow.  Think about it, I've done NINETY SEVEN Bikram yoga classes in 98 days.  That's crazy!  It boggles my mind.  Well, no double this weekend which means I have to power one out Tuesday night.  I will work all day then take the 530 and 730 pm classes to finish off the big 100 in style.  Michelle style.  I've been known to be a bit of a procrastinator at times.  So there ya go, I've got to pull a double out of my ass in the eleventh hour.  Should be fun.  **sarcasm, I HATE back to back doubles**.  Well it is labeled a challenge after all, so fitting it will end with a big challenge for me, as I was a complete and utter mess last time I did a back to back double.  Layed down most of the floor series, my voice was all jacked up and my ears plugged for an hour afterwards.  My mom was so freaked out when she heard me on the phone that day she made me call her back later so she could hear my voice back to normal.  Good times.  Ok, enough dwelling, I'll survive.
Today was 1130 with Adele.  She teaches a nice smooth class but I had a bit of trouble today.  I had a bit of insomnia last night so I was sort of jacked up arriving at the studio.  I went to bed early (too early I suppose), woke up at 1am , could not go back to sleep and found myself watching an episode of Ugly Betty I had dvr'd at 3am.  Finally feel asleep around 430 and woke back up at 730, asleep again til 925.  Choppy odd sleep.  I was very sensitive to the heat today.  I made it through every posture, coming out early second set of floor bow, but I was struggling.  My breath was harder to control around the time of triangle and even during the spine series on the floor.  I pushed my way through tho and felt great at the end.  I really am glad the "challenge" is almost over, but I'm actually planning on going everyday up until my friends wedding.  Which will put me at 116 total.  Then when I come back, I'll probably focus on going 6 to 7 days a week.  Just keep going because I'm at the point where I want to keep my forward momentum going.  Hey Reggi, will you do the double with me Tuesday night please?  I'll be your best friend!  **me on my knees, begging**.  Karen, you should do it with me too if you are reading.  Come on, it will be fun!  Shelley, can you make it to either class that night?  Yoga party!  :)


  1. Yessss, you are in the home stretch! Who knows, maybe you will even surprise yourself by having a rocking back-to-back double at the end. Just because it's never happened before doesn't mean it WON'T. After this many classes, you must be learning to just expect the unexpected.

    And I am psyched - PYSCHED!! - to read that you are planning to continue with your momentum. Speaking from experience, i think that's the way to go!! I've probably mentioned this before in various places, but I did my first 30 day challenge in Sept 07 and I basically... forgot to stop. Hahaha. I hit 500 in < 500 days somewhere around last Christmas... must be past 600 now... but I only know those numbers cause I have my handy little yoga journal. It's not like I'm keeping SCORE these days. It's just a better way for me to LIVE. Highly, highly recommended. :) :)

    I'll try to send a happy thought your way on Tuesday evening...

  2. Dancingj~ Impressive! I love that you....forgot to stop. That's where I am at. I feel so good, I cannot imagine my life without alot of this yoga. I think I am going to forget to stop also. It's like brushing my teeth or washing my hair. It just is....a better way to live. I feel so lucky to have found it!

  3. Like brushing your teeth! YES, yes, yes, exactly. :) :) That's what Emmy says. Or like what Bikram says to people who ask "how often do I need to do yoga?" "Well, how often are you planning on using your body?"

    We are lucky for sure...

  4. Good luck!!
    I'm aiming for 16 classes this month, and I'm sure I will be cramming at the end, too! :)

  5. I will see what I can do Mich! No promises after my fiasco double on Saturday, but I might be game! See you then!