Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 51: Cyclical Creature

Today was 530 with Adele.  What I love about Adele is her very soothing demeanor.  It doesn't seem like she is reciting dialog at us.  It feels more like she is having a conversation with us, individually and collectively, coaxing us through our practice.  She corrects, encourages and even knows right when to say, "Now I know this may be uncomfortable.....".   When she does that, you immediately make the connection that she too practices and is sympathetic to exactly what we feel at that moment.  Great teaching style!
What happened to me/with me yesterday?  Oy vey.  What an absolutely awful day, from start to finish.  I was bummed out all day long and I felt like crap physically.  During practice yesterday I did NOT want to be there.  I was cranky as all get out and my body felt stiff, sore, tired and bloated.   I looked in the mirror and all I saw was this miserable 200 pound woman...and I'm not 200 pounds anymore!  See why I didn't want to blog last night?  Out of sorts!  It was only today, when I woke up bloated and miserable again that I realized my horrible malady was nothing more than the blessing of being a woman on its way.  I rolled out of bed thinking, my God Michelle, you are in fact an extremely cyclical creature.  So I kept to myself alot today at work and when I got to yoga I was very accepting of being there, even though I wasn't feeling up to par and I made it through Adele's class without sitting things out and without being the ridiculous train wreck of the day before.  I was mediocre at best and I was Ok with that.  The alternative was to not go....and that just will not do at this point!   I am getting very close to 60 days and that is exciting.  I feel so much better tonight than I did last night.  I think I am....back in the saddle.  

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