Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33: LOST!

Today was 5pm up at Summerlin with Adele. She hasn't been teaching lately so it's been quite awhile since I've had her class. I started off the class in a great mood. "Summerlin! Yay, haven't been here since Thursday. Oh, it's Adele! Love her! Oh, look at the pregnant lady behind me, she's so freakin' adorable! Wow, look at instructor Marc's standing head to knee, he's so strong! Ok Michelle, get back in the posture, stop looking around."
Then by the time we hit the floor the good mood....not so much. "Damn these people keep it hot here. Ok, just focus. Breathe. Adele, open the door please! Hmmm. I wonder if she would notice if I crawled over to the window and stuck my naked belly right onto the glass. Then I could flip over and press my back against it. I bet you can feel the cold from outside. Some guy just left. Lucky bastard. It's probably nice and cool in the lobby. Ok, just focus, get through this, LOST is on tonight!!!"
So what are we waiting for? Time to go watch LOST!!!!


  1. LOL gotta love those little rewards you give yourself, those incentives to say "ok if I get through this class I will be that much closer to watching (TV SHOW). priceless! Love your inner dialogue too, floor use to be easier for me, not so much anymore, it really is the "start of the yoga".


    I would just love see the teachers face if you stood up, walked to the window and put your stomach against it!

    I usually tickle my stomach to make it cool of when I'm too hot.

  3. Hilarious, thanks for sharing that. It's up there with f** turtles for things that will make me laugh in class I think.

  4. Ughhh, I've been having SOOO many of these kind of classes lately---in which my head is all freaking over the place!! SIGH.

  5. haha! So funny. It's amazing the conversations we have with ourselves in those 90 minutes!

  6. So funny! I hope you enjoyed Lost!

    Thanks so much for the encouragement. I did go to class last night and it felt good. My 41-year-old- body is throwing some new curveballs at me but the studio owner taught the class and that felt like a homecoming for me. I was one of her first students when she opened the studio 5 years ago!

    I'm going back tonight!

  7. hahaha love your inner dialogue too. I can totally visualize it !!

  8. Amber~ I have some teachers who say that when we hit the floor "enough of the warm up, now for the real yoga" :)
    AHappyYogi~ I'm sure the entire class would have thought I was bat shit insane. It would have been worth it though. Totally. I was dyin'!
    Johan~ F turtles...that was my favorite dancing J post of all time. Classic! F turtles!!!
    Hannah~ like a small child left alone, it tends to wander. mine is terrible!
    traci~ if we could remember even half of it, we could write a ton of funny blog posts~!
    blithe~ my 39 year old body relates...totally!
    cirita~ The picture I had in my head of going up to that window and trying to smash my body up against it was hilarious! :)