Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35: A Double

Tonight was 5pm and 7pm up at Summerlin both with Misha. I was talking to her before class telling her I might do a double. I said, "should I just really pace myself the first class?" She said "No. Just do the first class and don't think about the next one." So I had a very strong first class, rocked it out a bit and the second class...not so much. I was in pain by first set of half moon and had to take a knee several times during the balancing series. My ears plugged up, I was seeing spots and my hands and feet were water logged. I recovered a bit during the floor series and pushed my way through to the end. When it was over, I was glad I did it! Someday I will get better at these back to back doubles! On a side note, my yoga bag was so heavy when I was walking out. Two yogi toes, two towels to dry off and two sets of yoga clothes all soaked through. I could barely lift my bag and when I hoisted it up onto my shoulder it felt like it was going to rip my dang shoulder off! That's alot of sweating over a three hour period!
Now I'm just one class behind instead of two. Phew.


  1. Congratulations on pushing through! The idea of a back to back double is one of the things that have always scared me away from doing a challenge!

  2. Great job on the double. Wish I could have done one yesterday:( And extra props for doing a back to back with Misha!

  3. Prodigal~ I suck at doubles. Some people can do them w/out even struggling the second class. I give them mad props and bow with respect!
    Greg~ I think I must be very brave or very stupid. I'm going to go with the latter....
    that's like doing John S or Roberta or Sheri back to back!

  4. One day you will have the strength with the back to back doubles!

  5. But you did it! I avoided a double this week, but will have to do one soon as I am missing class on Sunday...have never done a back to back double, always seemed a bit crazy, but this challenge I will try it. (All previous doubles have been am / pm).

  6. Ariella~ thanks hon!
    AHappyYogi~ I will conquer this someday!!
    Lynx~ back to backs are no big deal for many yogis. I'm not sure why they are so difficult for me. You might knock it out of the park!! :)