Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 57: Incredible High

Last we heard from our heroine, Bikramyogachick, she was three classes behind in the challenge. Now, after doing TWO doubles this week, she is only one behind. She hopes to catch up this weekend!!

Today I took a vacation day (I like to call it a "yogacation") and did an 11:30 and a 7pm class. It was my second double this week. The 11:30 was at the old studio with Roberta and 7pm was up at Summerlin with Frank. My daughter came with me to the 7. The first class went by nicely. A solid moving meditation. The second class something incredible happened. I felt very strong, like I hadn't already done a strong class earlier! Halfway through the class a sense of euphoria washed over me, just like a runner's high. When I finished class, energy was running up and down my body. The high I felt was nothing like you could ever get from any artificial substance and nothing like I've ever felt before in my three years of doing yoga. Doing 9 classes in 7 days seems to have pushed me into a beautiful, flexible, strong place.
I have no idea if this feeling will continue into next week and it really doesn't matter either way. I just feel lucky to have experienced it today!


  1. Wow! Good for you for catching up. What a great feeling that must be--you seem to be doing well!

  2. Right ON! it makes me so happy to read this post! Good for you--& very inspiring.

  3. Great to hear you're on track. :-) I know what you mean about that euphoric feeling, had something like that last sat. It was amazing. Congratulations on your doubles.

  4. I love the word yogacation!

    Glad you are feeling strong!

  5. That's incredible & very inspiring! Love that euphoric feeling. How great that your daughter came with you!

  6. Wonderful, wonderful! I am in such a yoga trough right now. It is great to hear that feeling can happen!

  7. Very nice! I am glad you are getting them done. I am taking a (cough, cough!) sick day on Friday so I can sleep in, do some yoga, and get my toes done!
    Bikram Believer

  8. Yolk~ thanks! Yes, I am doing good!
    Sisya~ Thank you! :)
    Johan~ glad you got to feel it too!
    AHappyYogi~ I like it even better than staycation!
    Cheryl~ Third time this week the daughter came...i'm loving it!
    Prodigal~you'll get out of the trough, i promise!
    Jules~ Just think of it as a "mental health" day. I need to get the toes done too!! :)

  9. Nice! Love that feeling. Have a great weekend :)

  10. Hi There, I'm one of your new follower. Just started blogging about my new yoga adventure. Bikram. Enjoyed reading your blog posts. "Yogacation" LOVE it! You sure deserve it! Looking forward to hear from you. Namaste