Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 44: Debbie Does a Double

Ok. My name is not Debbie. But doesn't that sound so much better? Wait, now my blog might come up on some creepy google porn searches. But I digress.....
As the title says, I did a double today. Remembering my agony from my back to back double two Thursdays ago, I decided to split the classes up. I went up to Summerlin for an amazing 11am class with Erika. I was a crappy wife to yoga last night. I made it all up in that steamy morning class. Yoga, never mad at me, welcomed me in his hot sweaty embrace and we danced for 90 minutes, leaving me spent and soaked on my mat. I spent the afternoon running errands with my daughter (good thing I had done yoga, the number of boys/guys/men catcalling and making comments to her had me a bit freaked out) and eating/hydrating well in preparation for an early evening class. Over to the old studio for class number two at 5:30 with Roberta. It was a tough class, yogi's down/leaving the room/laying down towards the end. I did pretty well. I had a good solid standing series and felt a bit tired when I hit the ground for floor. I tried to get out of my head and breathe, but the floor was a little tough for me. I did everything up until camel. Camel made me want to curl up and die and I came out early, totally out of breath and dizzy. I finished up the class and lay on my drenched towel/mat wondering how many pounds of water I had sweat out today. It was crazy how juicy both classes were! I got a zico after class and realized that I felt fine. Obviously the work I did throughout the day to consciously double up on electrolytes did the trick.
One double down, two to go.......


  1. Yeah for you!

    And if any porn-surfer shows up on your page you have just showed them a new way of life :-)

  2. I missed yesterday and I'm terrified of doubles but I'm going to do one to make this up. Maybe this coming weekend or maybe earlier if we have another snow day. Thanks for helping me believe it won't kill me!

  3. Yoga will NEVER be mad at us. Isn't that just great? Hopefully yoga will welcome me with open arms when my body is ready to head back. Happy Valentines to you!