Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46: Three Day Weekends...

rock! Today I was off work (yay!) so I spent the morning lounging around with coffee and breakfast and hangin' out with my daughter. Then her and I went to see a movie. When I got home I was soooo tempted to just stay in, but yoga was calling. I went down to the old studio for 530 with Roberta while my daughter opted to stay home and get caught up on her laundry. The class was medium size, the room not too hot, Reggi was next to me and Roberta was mellow with a capital M. It was one of those classes where you just feel so rejuvenated and relaxed on the way home. A nice way to end a nice weekend....


  1. That does sound like the perfect way to end the weekend. Mom/daughter time, awww. I had the day off, too, but I didn't make it to yoga--conflicting appointments, argh! But there's always tomorrow!

  2. A mellow class with Roberta? Wow, maybe she was enjoying the holiday too:)

  3. Yolk E~ yes, there is always tomorrow!
    G~ Nah, she just had yoga brain, she's been teaching alot she said. We got lucky!