Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59: Two Firsts

I was planning on doing my last double today and finally being able to say I'm caught up. Just one more double! Excited to get it over with, I was puttering around the house planning the day. I was shooting for 1130 at the old studio and then 5 at Summerlin. I received a text from a good friend I haven't seen since October. It said "come do Baptiste at 1:30 with me and Michelle A!". I haven't seen Michelle for a long time either. Michelle and Shelley are part of the "old crowd" of regulars from the old studio, back in the day. I started to text back that I couldn't than thought "oh what the hell, nobody ever died from too much yoga!". I ditched my plan for 11:30 bikram and went to Baptiste instead. It was the first time I've ever done that type of yoga and I was nervous. Zeeky was teaching and it was pretty crowded, which is not unusual. I've been sitting on the bench waiting for Bikram to start in the past and I've seen his class let out. It's always crowded. Everybody LOVES Baptiste with Zeeky. Well I'm no exception. I spent the next 90 minutes falling in love with the class. I was able to keep up pretty well, but mainly because I'm feeling crazy strong right now. Also I didn't try anything extra. For example, we were doing some posture that starts from down dog, then you raise one leg in the air, bent, with your hip out and then he said "ok, flippers, flip" and I stayed put. I hung my head down so I could see the back row behind me and tried to figure out what flippers flip meant. I watched a few students do it and thought to myself, OK, I'll try that later when I start getting the hang of this! There were quite a few postures where I did that. I just stayed where I was comfortable and rode my breath and watched. I ended up surprising myself and doing much better than I thought I would. After class I hung out, ate an orange, changed back into sweats and then headed up to Summerlin for 5pm Bikram with Frank. My body felt a bit sore and overworked so I just focused on alignment and breath. Also, the room wasn't very hot but I was raining like a faucet, I guess because it was my second class. There was a first timer in the back row who did pretty well. After class I was sitting in the lobby drinking my zico and she was picking up her welcome packet. I told her she did really well and then she asked me "is that your blog?" I said "you mean the bikramyogachick blog?" She nodded. I said "yes!" Then she said she's done some Baptiste, so I of course said I had done my first class today. Driving home I realized this was the first time ever somebody I've never met has "recognized" me from my blog.
Well tomorrow is day 60 and I'm feeling pretty darn good right now. What a change from the first 30 days where I was just having a rough go of it!


  1. So now you see why I adore Baptiste yoga, too, eh??? :)

    I really do think there is something to be said for each arm of yoga and different elements to enjoy and to help work your body in different ways. Now, let's see how sore you're feeling today from all those downward dogs!!

  2. Woo hoo! You are inspiring me with every post!

  3. Hannah~ I AM sore today! My upper body....
    Can't wait to go back! I'm already trying to figure out how I can do it Weds after work and still get my bikram class in afterwards. I'm hooked!
    Prodigal~ Thank you!!

  4. This sounds kind of interesting...

  5. That's awesome M! So glad you had a great time!!!

    Yes, I remember when I used to take vinyasa yoga, we would do exactly what you said: downward dog, lift one leg in the air, and then one teacher in particular would say, "Now flip your dog!" The first time I heard that, I was like, "WTF? Flip your dog?!" It reminds me of how newbies must feel when setting up and going into toe stand. "Wait, you want me to fall into my hands? What?!"

  6. Baptiste is like crack. I couldn't go yesterday and I won't be able to make tonight's class, either, but I'll be looking for you on Wednesday. And then there's either the 7:30 Bikram at that studio with Roberta or a 7:00 at Summerlin with Erika (yeah, I looked). It's the right thing to do. ^___^

  7. BigG~ I think you'd really like it....
    Action JoJo~ Flip your dog! Yes, that was exactly it! I need to work up to that...
    Dorothy~ I can totally see why you love it. I think the 430 baptiste/730 bikram combo might be just what the doctor ordered for weds!

  8. Yay. You are in such a great spot both physically and mentally. Stay Strong!