Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 22: Worth the wait

Today was 330 with Oksana.  Last night was 5:30 with Oksana.  Both classes went by fast.  Last night's class was shaky on balance, but today I was much better in that area, even looking down at my kicked out leg in standing head to knee, imagining that someday soon I will touch my forehead to my knee.  My elbows aren't down far enough yet to make that happen, but I keep working that way....kicking my heel out, sucking in my stomach and really trying to pull my upper body out over that leg.  I was thinking last night about how it took me two years until I could even kick out in that posture.  Some lucky yogis come in and are able to kick out within days, weeks or months.  So if you are like I was, just struggling to get your damn foot in your hand, huffing, puffing, falling faced, sweaty, frustrated....take heart.  It will happen someday.  Even if it takes two years, please trust me.  It's worth the wait.
I said Thursday night that I was going to shoot for one double this weekend.  Looks like that day is tomorrow.  So unless I fall apart tomorrow physically, I'm goin' for it.  


  1. Hi there! I've just been reading about your challenges, and your blog is very inspiring. I've just finished a 30 day challenge, which is the only type my studio put on. I'm feeling inspired by you to go for a 60 or 100 day challenge though now!

  2. Shabs~ Congrats on your 30 day! It is such a huge commitment to do one of these challenges and its awesome you completed it! I have to tell you, doing a 60 day will change your practice dramatically. Most of the progress I've made on postures is due to the 60 day challenges I've done in the past. Let me know if you decide to embark on one in the future and thanks for reading my blog! It makes me so happy to read comments and know that my journey has inspired others.