Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 23: Close Call

Today was 130 with Oksana.  I had a pretty solid class, considering some thai food from the night before was not agreeing with me.  I got to standing bow, second set, right side and was really getting deep.  I was really kicking and stretching and paying attention to form.  Chin to right shoulder, breathe....kick left leg up keep hip down, breathe....kick and stretch, breathe....kick and stretch, breathe....POP!  My left shoulder as I was kicking up and releasing it decided to pop.  I froze in the posture, taking inventory.  Does it hurt?  No.  Ok, stay in but don't push.  By the time I got to floor bow the same thing happened.  Left shoulder went POP!  
Needless to say I didn't stay for a double.  I decided to back off and see what happens.  Right now it feels perfectly fine.  It didn't pop out of place and nothing feels pulled.  I think I'm ok.  Phew! Close call!

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