Monday, August 10, 2009

It's been awhile since I've had him.....

...and he did not disappoint.
Frank that is....
....for yoga that is.
530 class was hot, sweaty, busy, high energy, awesome!  The front row was me, Reggi, Mark and Pam, all lined up all giving energy.  More regulars behind us.  It was incredible.  Frank was ON as usual and we all were very focused and worked very hard.  The past two classes my standing series has felt so strong.  Second set, right side of standing bow tonight I held it, pretty good form going just a bit deeper right at the end, getting the body down a bit more and when Frank said change, instead of toppling over as is normal for me I came out gracefully, breath still steady.  Frank said "Nice Mish!".  The corners of my mouth turned up in a little smile of pure joy.  Joy that I can do this yoga.  Having surgery and being "benched" for two weeks has gained me a whole fresh wave of gratitude for my body.  It's not a perfect body.  It needs to shed some pounds.  It's not perfectly toned and there are certainly some lumps and bumps that need smoothing.  But I love it anyway for what it can do now, today.
Walking out to the car, chatting up Reggi, feeling wonderful another wave washed over me.  More gratitude, for my studio, the teachers there and the wonderful friends I have made.  Real friends, solid friends.  People I trust.  We "get" each other and most of all we accept each other.  We struggle together.  We encourage, we support, we listen before class, we make encouraging eye contact during class if somebody is having a tough time.  I am so very very lucky.
I'll end with a quote I found today, courtesy of wonderful teacher Dray, whom I miss very much as he is busy opening his own studio.
"Love the life you live.  Live the life you love".

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  1. Geeeeez. This post is laced with so much love and gratitude I can feel it even through the interwebs!! Your enthusiasm for your yoga is so sweet, Michelle. A true love affair. :)