Thursday, August 20, 2009

A wonderful new teacher...who sure doesn't seem new!

Yes I'm still here.  It's late late late right now.  I had to bowl tonight and then went to 9:30 pm yoga.  Yes, my studio has yoga that late.  That's how we roll here in the big city folks.  :)
My studio started a challenge on August 1st.  "Michelle, you're doing the 60 day challenge right?".  This coming from young front desk Patrick.  Because I always do, don't I?  I've participated in every challenge my studio has had since I've started.  Because I'm bat shit crazy like that (crazy for the yoga that is.....**clearing throat**)
So I put my name on the poster and started circling days.  I was not fully back to yoga everyday post surgery, then I also had a business trip to Portland Oregon.  So my crazy ass jumped in and started going everyday and there are four, count em people, four days that are not circled at the beginning.  So I could just say I started on the 5th and end 5 days later then everybody else right?  Unfortunately, that's not how MY brain works.  My brain has decided that this being my fourth foray into 60 day challenge world, I should step it up a notch, suck it up and do these four doubles.  I mean we are only on day 20 right?  I've got 40 days in which to catch up.  So tomorrow, you'll see my blog go into daily challenge mode.  With the first post being "Day 21" and off I go.  My goal is to do at least one double this weekend, and one next week.  AND I already know that next Thurs, the last night of bowling, the "money" night runs late and chances are I'll be another one behind.  I say bring it!
And now to the new teacher.  Who is an old soul, in a young body.  Do you know people like that?  My daughter is a bit like that...I knew it as soon as I saw those bottomless blue eyes in that little round baby head.  This teacher just went to TT this past spring.  She is young, she is energetic.  She is a voice like Brandy, a spirit like Dray, a confidence like Roberta, good humor like Frank, and GREAT dialog to boot.  The first time I took her class I cornered her after class.  "Didn't you just get out of teacher training Lacey?"   "Yes, this past spring" she says.  I look her in the eyes and say "Really, you seem like you've been teaching for 5 years.  That was an incredible class.  Your timing, your dialog...everything.  It was awesome.".  She seemed really pleased and smiled and said thank you.   I've been taking this yoga for 2 and 1/2 years.   Everytime TT is done, we suffer through a new batch of newbies.  And we love them.  We stand in the front row and smile as they walk in, nervously adjusting their headsets.  We quietly let them know where we are when they try to get us to do a third camel, or mix up rights and lefts.  We suffer through long setups as they try to struggle through the dialog.  We don't complain when it's a 102 minute class.  Because we know they will find their stride, they will develop a style and they will give us the gift of a new outlook.  We send love and light their way, like proud parents.  So it really threw me off guard to have a newbie come back and instead of toddling her way through class, stood up there like the valedictorian of a graduating class of PHD's and rocked the crap out of that 90 minutes.  


  1. Oh man, now THAT is how I wanna do it after TT! I am gonna hit the ground RUNNING. So so so ready to go.

    What time do you fall asleep when your yoga class finishes at 11pm?? I feel like I would be so wired... but maybe not, maybe it is lovely.

    Have fun on your bat-shit crazy challenge. Always fun to hear about you doing your thang! :)

  2. She's a natural, and I know you will be too ;)
    Last week I went to bed right away, last night, not so much. 2am rolled around and I looked at the clock in despair! Still got to work at 7:30 am like normal. Brutal!!