Friday, August 7, 2009

One Fully Functioning Yogini Reporting for Duty

Tonight was 5:30 with Oksana.   I am happy to report that 3 weeks and one day after having my appendix removed I am once again a fully functioning yogini.  I had a solid class and did every posture, even pushing myself as much as possible.  I didn't have to baby myself or sit out camel.  Just me, my mat, my postures, my  And it felt so damn good.  
I'm not back to where I was in depth and strength, but that's ok.  That's not any post surgery stuff to worry about, just me needing to work back up to the shape I was in when I was doing my 100 day challenge.
You know what that means.  I'm going to be doing a whole lot of yoga.
And that my friends makes me happy.  


  1. A fully functioning yogini! Yay!

  2. Good job, Lady!

    I've done 3 classes since I got back. I think I'm back to (mostly) normal. Three weeks is a long time. I was in pain and I didn't have surgery!

    Keep it up!

  3. And I like your new blog template!

  4. Thanks girls! I decided to change the template because I got bored. They don't have very many to chose from....too bad I'm not an HTML guru!

  5. Ooooo, what good news for a Monday. :)