Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 29 and 30: Rain

Saturday was 11:30 with Sumach and Sunday was 3:30 with Roberta. Both classes were very humid. Sumach's especially. I'm quite sure the humidity was up in the 60's. We all powered our way through, dripping like we were standing out in the pouring rain. There was quite a bit of yoga carnage in Sumach's class. Downed yogis, gasping for air, or just plain leaving the room. Roberta's class the next day was hard as well, but mainly due to some self inflected pain from a very full Saturday. I had a friend in town Saturday, the one from Redondo beach. She came to yoga with me Saturday morning and then we were off to a fantasy football draft pick party and another party after that. We had an absolute blast but paid for it Sunday morning! Hence my late afternoon class. Saturday was the first time I have had Sumach's class. I really like him. He stood up on the podium, raining right along with us, the water dripping off his dreadlocks onto his towel. His soothing voice falling on us like waves of water, bathing us in dialog, pulling us along in the heat and humidity, getting us through.

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