Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Keep doing CPR, she's responding.....

Pump the chest.  Pinch the nose, breathe into the mouth.  The glazed eyes, the still body, it's coming back...keep going, keep going!  That's how I felt tonight at yoga.  I am now 3 weeks post surgery (as of tomorrow).  I have done 4 yoga classes.  The first two were tough and I had to sit quite a few postures out.   So I took Saturday off.  Sunday I went back, cautiously, probably overdoing it on babying myself.  Monday and Tuesday I had to go to Portland Oregon for business and my schedule was too tight to fit in any yoga.  So today I went back, 530pm with Adele.   Reggi, Shila and I lined up in the front row, with Karen behind us.  Karen had missed two weeks due to vacation etc and didn't want to go in the front.  I leaned over and whispered to Reggi "I'm not front row material right now, I'm just getting back into it!"  She leans over and says "look, if wild Bill can do the front row you've got nothing to worry about".  I chuckled and looked at my own two eyes in the mirror.  I saw a soft yogini, needing to get back into her groove sitting on her knees.  Eyes crinkling with laughter at Reggi's comment.  I looked at myself and thought "really Michelle, get over yourself, it's only yoga".  And with that I stood up when Adele walked in and proceeded to power through the series to the best of my post surgery ability.  To my surprise, the yoga started to work.  Like CPR it breathed life back into my pudgy post surgery weak ailing body.  I focused diligently on each posture, going for form not depth and was rewarded with a solid response.  Only one problem:  my feet were cramping left and right.  Lobster clawing it up.  Adele saw my struggles.  I say struggles because I wouldn't just sit down and breathe and succumb to the cramp.  Excited about my body coming to life via the yoga CPR I was receiving I'd drop down, rub the cramp out and pop back up, eager to keep going.  At 2 min savasana, halfway through Adele came over and whispered "are you OK? do you need emergen-c?"  I said no, but ended up running out between first and second set of fixed firm to follow her advice.  My feet just would not cooperate, they cramped even in fixed firm!  After running out and downing a packet of emergen-C and adding ionic fix to my water (thanks Patrick!!) I hopped back into class and powered through the rest of the class, doing both sets of camel, with my hands on my heels for the first time since surgery.
After class, in final savasana Adele said quietly, in her sweet and very wise voice "you are leaving today with a different body than what you came in with.  You are rebuilding your body each day like little grains of sand".  I lay there, breathing, reviving, awakening and thought "oh yes Adele, you are right, and thank God for that".


  1. Aw... you are breathing the life force back into your body! That is so cool. Beautiful.

    Also, I am giggling like mad at the image of a person called "wild Bill" who practices in the front row. I LOVE the loonies!

  2. Beautiful post. It inspires me.

  3. Takin' your time, takin' your time. The only way to go. Nice. I like it.

  4. Thanks girls! Comments make me warm in my tummy. :) Thanks for reading and supporting.