Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 93: Screw it, I'll finish what I started

I decided to stop blogging for all the wrong reasons (thank you Reggi, my voice of reason).  I need to finish what I started.  I need to make my 101 and I love sharing my experience with fellow Bikram yogis and getting encouragement and feedback.  This is me.  This yoga, this blog.  This is what makes me happy.
So here we go again:  today was 530 with Frank.  Christian and Reggi and I practiced in the front row together, an R and M sandwhich again.  When Christian first walked in I said "Hi, good to see you, Reggi will be happy, our eye candy is here!".  He smiled and said hi back.  Frank was behind the front desk and overheard me.  Fast forward to practice.  I was very happy to be back in the saddle after a day off.  I didn't feel good today, emotionally, I was a wreck.  As soon as I got on my mat I stood there and thought to myself, this is where I am safe.  I had a nice strong practice and felt so much better when it was over.  During practice about halfway through the floor series, Frank just randomly says, while we are in savasana between postures "Michelle called Christian eye candy".  Chuckles and giggles from throughout the room (from me too!).  After class Reggi said "damn, Frank threw you under the bus!".  I said "nah, only if I hadn't said it to Christian's face, then that would be under the bus!".  We milled around in the lobby, getting zicos, talking, laughing, being.  I walked out, yoga bag in hand, digging for my keys, breathing in the cool evening air.  Suddenly, things came into sharp focus:  there is a whole big world out there!  That thought bounced around my mind as I got into my car.  My heart stopped being constricted, my mind stopped thinking about recent events, I looked off into the distance, toward the red rock mountains I love so much and punched buttons on my car stereo, rolling down the window and blasting "Magnificent" by U2.  That is when I knew, I had to finish what I have started.  That means a double this weekend.  Not happy about that, but know I can do it!  


  1. Nothing better than post-yoga drives, with the windows down, drinking in the fresh air, feeling thankful you're alive and well and working hard to stay that way!

    Happy to hear you're sticking it out. :)

  2. Funny - I never thought you weren't going to finish the challenge, I just thought you were going to quit blogging. Good for Reggi for kicking your ass!

    And definitely damn the man!

    Also - blogger has been eating my comments on my blog lately. I got the email with your comment, but it's not on the blog. So I got your comment and I'm glad you're continuing.

    And finally, Magnificent is an awesome song to drive home to. Are you going to the concert in Vegas?


  3. Corva~ Yogini buddies are the best, aren't they? How lucky am I! Yes, I've got tickets already. Taking a yoga buddy with me! Can't wait!
    Hannah/martin/dancingj~ Yippee! I will not falter. Onward toward the goal!

  4. I also didn't realize that you were going to abandon the challenge, and thought you were just dumping the blog.

    I would like to point out one thing, however: You started a sixty day challenge. And you finished that over a month ago. Now, you are in the bonus round. You are getting extra credit.

  5. Ooowweee!!! That's my girl! See you as the beautiful struggle continues...we are all in it together! Proud of you!

  6. You are a Rockstar Yogi!! You have my respect, admiration and my heart! Thanks for sharing the journey, the highs and the lows. I've learned SO much about the human spirit by following along.
    Love, Jen

  7. GO MICHELLE!!! I am in awe of your practice. Not sure what the future holds for me after my 30 days, but you're definitely an inspiration to me!

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