Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 32: A correlation?

Today was 5:30 with Roberta.  Me and young Patrick at the front desk coined a new term.  When I went up after class, dripping wet, to get my zico I told Patrick "I just got brutalized by Roberta".  He chuckled and said "you got Ro-Brutalized".   I said, "yes, Ro-Brutalized!  That's awesome!" and so a new phrase was born.
Reggi, Karen and I sat on the benches before class, waiting for the very last minute before going in.   We were all dreading it a bit, knowing how tough her classes are.  I went in and kneeled down, giving myself a little pep talk.  "Ok, you know you are going to freak out during the backbend.  Breathe.  You know she keeps it very very hot and humid.  Breathe.  You know she is going to correct you and call you out.  Breathe.  You know your left toes are going to go numb in the first three postures like normal......"
Wait!!!!   Left toes going numb in the first three postures!  I stopped for a minute.  When did that start happening?  I have just been living with it, wiggling my toes in half moon sometimes, trying to wake them up.  When did it start though?  The same time my backbend went south.  
So I paid attention today.  That first backbend I immediately got dizzy, my feet felt weird, my left toes were numb and a strange feeling went up and down my legs.  Terror flooded me.  Second set I focused on my breath like there was no tomorrow and felt a bit more normal.  What do these things have in common?  Dizziness, spots, numbness.  Could something be going on with my central nervous system?   Am I working into some crazy deep nerve things??  I don't know enough about this yoga or the human body to have any answers to these questions, but it sure was nice realize these things may all be related.   And like my old running knee injuries I had to work through in other challenges, this is perhaps what I need to work through in the current challenge.  There's always something isn't there?  That's why I keep going back.


  1. Hmm... Have you asked any of your teachers about the correlation---the dizziness, spots, and numbness??

  2. Hannah~ I haven't asked anyone yet, but probably will tonight. Connie is teaching and has alot of experience. She would be good for me to ask! :)

  3. What she said. Don't forget - the yoga class is diagnostic, always. If weird stuff pops up out of the blue like that, it's usually worth looking into.