Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 58: A Powerhouse!

Today was 330 with Dominique. First of all, if you've been reading my blog you know Dominique is awesome. She has high energy and her classes are amazing. To top it all off, we had a fairly small class that consisted of mostly regulars and teachers. Oksana, Frank, Kathryn, Liz.....Four teachers in one class! It was a strong beautiful class, you could feel it from the very first breathing exercise. It was POWERFUL. I imagined an invisible thread of energy and rocked out a solid standing series. Floor series blew my socks off. I did the best locust of my life first set. So much so that Dominique said "very nice Michelle!". I could feel the form was correct, I was solid and I was up pretty high. Wow! Talk about a great natural high! After class Dominique said "wow, you were in sync with Kathryn, it was beautiful! Back bends, standing bow, you two were together!" I was stunned! Kathryn is an instructor, professional dancer, way younger than me, so to think I was flowing in and out of postures with her is amazing. She is beautiful. To be in sync with her and be part of that beauty takes my breath away. It was the best compliment I've gotten in awhile!
After class King (the owner of my studio) asked if he could congratulate me on the 60 day challenge in the newsletter he puts out. Of course, I said. Sadly, I am the only one to complete 60 days this time. So if any of you reading go to my studio, do it with me next time, ok????
On another note, you may have read in my post yesterday that the meme I did got "tweeted" and then posted on a blog that "steals" memes every Sunday. Again, congrats Restaurant Refugee on writing such wonderful questions.

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