Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 40: Practice Gratitude

I dreamed of my surgery last night. Of being in the ER on the gurney all night, waiting for surgery and I dreamed of how I felt right before I went into surgery: scared and alone. I awoke with a start, sat up in bed at 4 am and one thought hung hazy in the night air: practice gratitude. So this morning I picked out my favorite work outfit, paid special attention to my hair and makeup, shoving the scale back into the closet (after giving it the hairy eyeball) and dropped my beautiful teenage daughter off at high school. I arrived at work 30 minutes early, breathing in the morning air and running through my long list of things to be grateful for as I walked into my building. The day was going great until 330 pm. Tummy ache. Oh vey. I left at 430 as is normal and on the only TEN minute drive to the yoga studio I had to stop at a gas station! Oh NO. I continued onto the studio anyway and sat on a bench in the lobby fully clothed, taking deep breaths. Well, the worst that can happen is I have to leave the room during class and come back when I'm better, right? Right. So I changed and waited with Reggi and Andy for class to start. Dominique was teaching today. I told her about my, ahem, issue...and she was very understanding. I said if I leave that is why and I promise to try and come back. She said in her adorable Canadian accent "no worries, just go in there with no expectations and do what you can".
Class starts and I feel the heat curling around my body like a warm familiar blanket. It actually made my stomach feel better. As the sweat started to drip off us during the first three postures, my attention went to my breath and I forgot about my stomach ache. I had a great standing series and by the time we hit the deck for the floor series I realized it was gone. Yay! I had a strong class again, just like last nights. I felt strong, flexible and able again. And that is just one of the many many things I am grateful for.....


  1. "Be thankful." I say that to myself all the time during my yoga classes.

    And I think it takes a strong person to be able to take a step back from life, recognize all is not perfect and easy, and still be grateful.

  2. Hannah~ I always find that if I'm stuggling with something, anything, it's because I'm not practicing my gratitude. It's such a simple but powerful thing. So the fact that you say that to yourself all of the time during yoga, well, that's a good reminder for me! Perhaps if I make it more of a part of my daily practice, I won't have to remind myself later. :)