Saturday, September 26, 2009

Days 56 and 57: Good yoga and a stolen meme

Well hi there everybody. I'm hanging in there with the yoga. Yesterday was 330 with Kathryn and today was 530 with Darla. Kathyrn's class was awesome! She is a professional dancer and is a stickler for form. I really enjoyed her dialog, and the way she explains things. She is very body aware. It was her last teaching class here, as her stint with the show she was in is over and back to NYC she goes in a week. Darla's class was very good today, but I must confess I was a bit tired. Stayed out far too late the night before and paid for it ten times over. Ugh.

On a different note: The meme I did somehow got "tweeted" to like TONs of people, and then the meme got "stolen".
This comment was left on my blog yesterday:

Hi Bikramyogachgic -

I'm Judd Corizan from the blog Sunday Stealing. Every week we rip a meme off someone's blog. Today we chose yours. We give you (and your friends) full credit and link back to your blog. The great thing is that a lot of previous "victims" such as yourself have become regular players! We publish the blog between 3 and 6 PM EDT. We usually get between 60 and 80 people who play and comment on each other's responses. And a lot of our players are previous victims of our theft like you! We hope you play along in the weeks to come! Thank you and have a great day...

The website that does this is:

Pretty neat huh? I went to the site and there I am, my profile picture, my opening paragraph explaining the meme and then the questions. I let Restaurant Refugee know that his meme might go viral. They were great questions!

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