Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 38: Very Stiff

Today was 130 with Dominique. For some reason I was super stiff the whole class. I couldn't even kick out in standing head to knee, because I couldn't get the grip, my thumbs were coming apart. I felt like an 82 year old lady bending over to put my foot in my hand. It was a terrible class. I felt like I was struggling and pushing and just having a really hard time bending and stretching my body.
Hopefully tomorrow is better!


  1. Emmy is even older than 82, and I would trade her flexibility for mine any day of the week. But I know what you mean.

    My thumbs are pretty short. If I interlock my thumbs, it means that my foot is actually at the base of my wrist. I need the extra 2.5 inches I get by opening the hands and just interlocking the fingers. So, I certainly haven't worried about my thumbs coming apart, and your post makes me think that perhaps I should.

  2. Duffy~ Ah yes, my teachers constantly hammer on the thumbs..."the thumbs are the strongest digit, make sure you include them in your grip". The lack of flexibility that day, causing my thumbs to not interlock certainly made my grip feel less solid. It would be interesting to see if you try to get those thumbs together and if your grip feels stronger. There is always something, isn't there!

  3. VERY STIFF - hah - yes, that was me too. That's alright. :)

    By the WAY.... I would not stress over crossing the thumbs. Mine sure aren't crossed in H2K. Thumbs included with the grip = thumbs stay side by side with the index fingers (not on top like you're holding a hamburger). Interlocking the thumbs in the 1st part of standing head to knee will make your grip stronger, sure, but that is kind of the beginner's grip. It will get in your way when you start to kick out because your wrists won't be able to straighten. When you're kicking out, and definitely when you're bringing the elbows down, the grip needs to release a bit so your wrists can be straight; it's a straight line from the elbow to the first knuckle joint. The fingers have to be pretty strong. Here's perfect example -


  4. J~ OMG! Thank you for that tip! I could not figure out how I was ever going to get my elbows down enough to start bringing my head down. Letting up on my grip just a tiny bit might be the catalyst that pushes me forward on this posutre. I'm going to try tonight (hopefully, if I have a better class than yesterday) I'll let you know how it goes.

  5. Cool! Glad I could give you that info! That's one of those little details that you really just need to be TOLD (outside of class) at some point. I learned it from championship coaching. You'll probably need to play with it for a bit before it feels normal, but it should definitely help you in the long run. :)