Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 35: The best laid plans are having no plans

I took a vacation day from work today. Just to have a four day weekend. Other than having some plans tonight, I had nothing else going on. What a great day! I did not set my alarm. Let my body just sleep. Got up, went to starbucks and sat there reading "The Time Travelers Wife", eating a yogurt/granola/fruit cup (there were out of my fav, the protein plate) and sipping a pumpkin spiced latte. I wandered home, read more, drank smart water and packed my yoga bag, deciding on the 1pm class. A different teacher was on the schedule, but when I got there, Dominique was teaching. I was so excited! I'm at the front desk chatting everybody up and in walks my friend John. Coming or going? Coming, I say. He smiles, I smile back and give his arm a squeeze as he walks to the locker room. I am so excited to see him. We bonded over broken hearts earlier this year and he is just a doll.
1pm with Dominique was awesome. Kicking out in standing head to knee I was solid and got my elbows down farther than normal. I rocked out standing bow and had an awesome full locust on the floor series. Energy, peace and clarity flowed through my body the whole practice. I was PRESENT. During final savasana, as people started to leave, I crawled over to John and tapped him on the shoulder "Do you want to do a double with me? Next class is in an hour". At first he said no, but slowly he got this look on his face and suddenly he wanted to do it. In the lobby he said he had alot to do, but that he would stay. So for the next hour we hung our mats/yogi toes on the ballet bar, hoping they would dry (they didn't they were disgusting) and I walked around the lobby with a towel around my wet yoga clothes, trying to rehydrate (thank you zicos) and trying to stop dripping. We also talked Dominique into staying and taking the class with us. Patty was teaching. With 30 mins to go I walked into the locker room and dug around my yoga bag to see if I had anymore clothes. I was not prepared to do a double, but isn't that the way it always goes? I've been walking around with two of everything for a week and didn't do one. The day I don't bring those extra yogi toes and towels, I feel great and stay. I found in the bottom of my bag some black fold over abandoned shorts (too small) and a new burgundy top I haven't worn (too big). I put the outfit on and narrowed my eyes at myself in the mirror. "Michelle, you are a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen". The shorts were way to small (riding up the thighs and showing a muffing top for God's sakes). The top wasn't bad but just a bit loose in the straps. I took a deep breath, decided to live with it and went out to the benches. John was there, waiting and talking to another regular. Her and I started talking because a few weeks ago I figured out that we read one of the same blogs (her comments and the link to her blog). So that was cool (We both love Hannahs blog!!). She was coming back after a couple of weeks off, mentioned a vacation. She knew John and I were doing doubles. When we got into the room, we were all in the same, John and Dominique in the front, her right behind us. I tell you what, that helped me immensley. The class was weird for me. Sometimes I felt strong and flowed right through, other times I started to struggle. My backbends were finally not scary and I did decent ones. My balancing postures were good because I was warmed up and flexible, but I couldn't hold them as long and as strong as the first class. Whenever I started to think "Oh boy Michelle, what are you doing?" I would glance over and see John, plugging through and Dominique rocking it out and flash of pink top of Dorothy behind us, her quiet steady, disciplined practice the caboose to our train. I fed off their energy and kept at it, feeling pretty good. I had to sit camel out and came out of a couple of different things early, but otherwise felt ok. It seemed to me like Patty had us in things looonng, but I'm sure it was because I was on my second class that I felt like that!
So there you have it. One double down, three to go. I feel fantastic right now!


  1. Hello Bikram Yoga Chick!! I love your blog and am so intrigued by Bikram Yoga. I am on the verge of justifying the $180 per month to do it, but I'm not certain it's worth it yet. Can you explain why Bikram is better? Why do Bikram when there are a lot of yoga poses that don't get attention? Why are the 26 enough? Why not Power Yoga? Do you also go to a gym for cardio on the treadmill or elliptical? How about arm strength?

    Intrigued by Bikram, hoping to take the plunge,


  2. Michele~ Welcome to Bikram! I'm glad you are considering it. It is expensive, but I feel it's worth it. Your questions are all good questions! Personally I don't do anything other than BIkram (because I just have always hated the gym and couldn't bring myself to go consistently) but many people do Bikram and other things to compliment it. I think we all just need to find what works for us and go with it. That's why I do the challenges all of the time. So I can continue to gain ground with strength, flexibility and see progress with body shape and postures. I think other types of yoga are great as well, but Bikram speaks to me. I like the heat, the discipline of the series and I never get sick of doing those postures. In fact, I find the routine oddly comforting and am forever pushing myself to do better.
    I wish you the best of luck in whatever you chose, and should it be Bikram I think you will not regret it! It makes you feel so good!
    Thanks for stopping by!