Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 59: The "Southwest Tilt"

Today was 530 with Brandy. As usual, she brought it...Brandy style. We all pulled, kicked, stretched and tried very hard to find our edge as she verbally poked, prodded and adjusted us while keeping up her awesome dialog. After first set of standing bow she stopped and chuckled and said "ok, I've noticed something funny that is particular to this studio. I call it the Southwest Tilt. You all tilt your head in standing bow!" So she proceeded to show us how to correct that from the very beginning, in the setup. Second set starts and I really focus, appreciative of the demonstration, because as I've blogged before, I've been called out for both my head tilt and my hip coming up a bit on the standing leg side. Of course that means I fell out a bunch! It always changes the dynamics of your posture when you try to correct your form. The payoff is worth it though so I never mind sort of backsliding a bit in depth to correct my form. Form over depth every time, that's the correct way!

On another note, Mei is on her way here! She is currently on a layover in Korea, will then get her flight to LAX, land in the am, clear customs and fly to Vegas in the evening. I'm going to be picking her up right after yoga class. There will probably be a little bit of "cross blogging" going on as she will be staying with me until Sunday. I plan on taking her to class of course and asked her to "guest blog" here on my site after Thursdays class. For those of you who haven't read her blog, you'll enjoy her post. She's a spitfire. A piss in the pants. A crack up. Full of energy. I can't wait to hang out with her! There will be more "cross blogging" in December after teacher training gets out as Mei and I journey to sunny So. Cal to hang out with awesome blogger DancingJ. Good times!!! OhmygodIhopeIcankeepupwiththeseyounggals!!!
Back tomorrow with day 60 post. Although I'm not planning on extending my challenge officially (I'll still go everyday...until I don't) I will continue to blog because Bikram Teacher Training is in Vegas!! I will blog about checking Mei in, taking class with trainees on a Saturday or two, the regional competition (with pictures!) Oct 11th, and whatever other cool stuff comes our way with all of these cool festivities happening right here in my backyard!

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