Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 48: The one in which she rocks a back to back double and discovers she is all alone

I've been carefully studying the schedule all week. Trying to figure out a good teacher combo for a back to back class that won't leave me a quivering mess. The "Frank/Lacey" combo all set for Thursday night had my attention. I decided to go for it. So, today was all about preparing. I felt like I was getting ready for a big game or something. I was completely anal about what I ate, how much water I drank and making sure I got two doses of ionic fizz into those waters. I showed up to the studio ready to give it a go.
Franks class was awesome. Reggi and Christian were both there so of course Reggi and I parked on either side of Christian in the front row and made our usual "R and M sandwich". The three of us fed off each others energy, Frank was "on" as usual and the class was amazing. I felt very strong and very warmed up for the next class.
Right before the 730, as I was in the lobby drinking my zico and talking to young front desk Patrick I realized something kinda funny. "Patrick, I'm goin' for it" I say as I circle a day from early August that was missed on the Challenge poster board. "I've only got two more to do now to catch up with the rest of the..........." **cricket** **cricket**. "Shit, nobody's going for 60 but me, I'm all alone in this!!" Patrick laughed as I stood there, pen in the air, dumbfounded. It seemed like one or two others were going for it, but upon further observation, they never made it past 40. Just me. Oh well, I'm not doing it for any "prize" or something stupid like that, I'm doing it for me. I'd do a challenge without the studio challenge board up! (The one I did this spring was all on my own).
Shrugging, I went to the locker room, got a dry outfit on and a dry yogi toes and got ready for the next class. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. All of my past attempts at "back to back" doubles where there is only 30 mins in between have been horrendous. Burning of the shoulders in half moon, having to put my arms down, quivering shaking legs pretty much the whole standing series, a scattered wandering mind that is resisting three hours in that hot room, pain, death, destruction.....they've been ugly. I've heard others talk about back to back doubles with reverence. "oh, you are so warmed up and can go so much deeper that second class, it's great" they say with big glazed over yoga eyes. I usually stare them down, with the uh huh, ya right look on my face. Well after Laceys amazing class, in which I did every posture, only coming out of a few on the floor series at the end early due to minor cramps, I understood what those crazy yogis were talking about. Yes, I could go deeper, in almost everything. It was incredible. No burning, no quivering, just normal "ouch I'm pushing myself, oh wait just breath it will be over in less than a minute" in some postures. Second set of standing bow Lacey said "Get your body down further than you want to!" So I did, I made sure my kick was solid and went for it. I got to a certain point where something clicked and I knew I had never had my body down that far before. It was strange and new and right.
So now I'm trying to wind down, rehydrate and bask in the glow of my first awesome double. Thank you, may I have another?


  1. Congratulations, woman! And only two more to go. Are you going for 101 again?

  2. CJ~ um, yes. But I'm scared to announce it! I don't want to jinx it. I was pissed at myself for **barely** missing it last time!

  3. Woooottt!! I'm starting my 1st 30 day on Monday and am contemplating going right thru to a 60. I'm not scared anymore! Kisses!

  4. Tarts and Tattoos~ Yay! I will follow you and cheer you on!! **roof push** woot woot!!