Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 53: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Today was 5:30 with young Mark. I felt fine physically, but my mental state was still in the toilet (see yesterday's post!). I felt like....well.....see post title!
On the bright side: There was a first timer behind me, and a fairly new person (3 weeks she said) a few down from her. Both were really having a hard time of it. I tried to set a good example in the front row, because I could see they were dying. I flowed through my practice, very focused. After final savasana, I walked out to the lobby and the 3 weeker was sitting on the bench, almost kind of gasping for breath. "Are you Ok?" I asked. "It's so hard for me!" she said. We spoke for several minutes and I ferreted some info out of her. She is a dealer at a casino and cannot drink water while on shift, unless on a break. Even on a break, she has to be careful because she cannot go back to work and then have to go pee! I looked her up and down. Very petite, Asian, not very soaked after class (like me, I look like I showered!). She also told me she NEVER drinks water to begin with. So I said "Ok, I drink at least two liters between 12 and 4 before coming to 5:30. Let's start with this for you. Try one liter, in three different doses before you get here, even if part of it is just in your car on the way here". She looked at me and said "what's a liter?". I pointed to her smart water. "That. Drink that in three parts in the afternoon, even if you have to drink the bulk on the way here due to your casino can't go to the bathroom issue". She thanked me. As we were finishing that conversation, the first timer stumbled up and joined us. She took one look at me and said "I saw you during class. Damn, you are STRONG!" I was taken aback. She looked so impressed. I had a short conversation with her as well, she said she was going to come back again tomorrow and would I be there. I assured her I would be at 5:30 and we wrapped up the conversation. I walked to the locker room, thinking about her comment and remembering that yesterday and today both I have forgotten one simple thing: gratitude. I might have things going on in my life right now that are stressful. It might be affecting my weight negatively (see: up 6, down 6, up 6 on the scale driving me crazy), but my body is healthy, strong and able. I have wonderful family, an awesome daughter, great friends, a terrific job. Gratitude. Thanks Universe for the reminder. I needed it.


  1. Look at you. :) Giving the newbies information, advice, and inspiration, and it all comes back onto you twice as strong. You get what you give!!

  2. J~ I am so grateful I could help somebody today! It helped get me out of my own miserable head!