Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 45: Clumsy

Yup. That was me all day. Clumsy. It was a dropping keys, banging shin on desk, Michelle being a klutz day. I even got my own hand caught on the necklace I was wearing when I was talking to one of my staff (yes, I talk with my hands, no I'm not italian) and awkwardly flung it over my shoulder. She started laughing. Can't say as I blame her! It followed me to yoga. I went to 5:30 with Roberta. The only regular that was there was Ray, and overall it was a sparse class. I was all by myself in the front row on my side of the room. Roberta made a comment about that as she was walking in. I smiled like "I know, where is everybody?". It felt weird to be up there by myself, but the way the room was arranged, if I moved back at the last minute I'd have yogis moving mats and probably giving me the stink eye. So I stayed put and proceeded to rock out the klutzy-est class of my challenge thus far. First backbend I was like "oh, check this out, nice deep backbend, I'm not scared anymore!" Second backbend I realized I jumped the gun there. The toes on my left foot were asleep and my legs felt strange again, sending that rush of dizziness up through me. I came out early in a daze and Roberta told me to get back in because I was just standing there with my arms still up over my head. Second part of awkward I could not stay up on my toes to save my life, third part of awkward I lost my balance, knees coming apart, arms coming down to the floor to catch myself. Eagle? Ya, I fell out of that sucker both sides, both sets. The balancing series? I'm not even going to go into it. Just call me "fall out girl".
I got to a point where I just accepted the condition I was in and focused on breathing and just getting back in when I fell out....repeatedly. I tried not to get frustrated or angry with myself, as that just makes it worse. So I trudged my way through, looking at my own two eyes in the mirror during final breathing and thinking "there, you made it, however dorky it must have looked and at least you were here!" So I proudly circled my day on the challenge board on the way out. Good class, bad class, doesn't matter....I made it to class.


  1. Made it to class. That's all anyone can ask.

  2. I feel like there's always some point in a challenge where your balance just goes right out the window for a few classes. But, you need the fall-out days to appreciate the rock-solid ones, right?

  3. CJ~ ahhh. I possess a small modicum of self discipline! Now to port that over to other areas of my life, right? :)
    Hannah~ True that!!

  4. There are like three bloggers I'm in love with now in Vegas... I just might have to come visit y'all.


    Clumsies unite!

  5. LiLu~ A blogger meetup in Vegas? YES! That would be awesome! I DO have a spare room.... :)