Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 49: Ran out of Gas

Today was 530 with Oksana. As is typical for a Friday night the class was small. Andy was the only regular there (that's right Andy, I just promoted you from "newbie" to "regular", I know you are blushing with excitement right now).
Oksana ran her usual solid class, chock full of great timing, perfect temperature and spot on corrections. Coming on the heels of my double I was working through some soreness. I had a nice, flowing, uneventful class all the way until the last two postures. That's when I suddenly ran out of gas. The last seated separate leg stretching posture was me pretty much resting my forehead on my knee, not pulling, not trying, just done! I'm sore as I sit here typing. It's all in my legs. Hamstrings and various other muscles I didn't know existed.
Oh, and I have a secret....pssstttt.....remember the scale I exiled to the closet? I dragged it out this morning. It must have hated being in the closet, because it decided to be nice to me today. It told me I was SIX pounds lighter than I was the day I banished it. I think I'll put it back in the dark closet since that seemed to work!
Well, have a great weekend everybody. I'm going more yoga.


  1. As I understand it, the main advantage that comes along with promotion from newbie to regular is that the regular now get to make fun of you.

    When you run out of gas, you are out of gas. Just be happy with that. My teachers keep telling me that the real breakthrough moments will happen when I finally give up and just relax into the poses. Maybe that's what running out of gas is for.

  2. Duffy~ thank you for that! acceptance of where we are, regardless of circumstances, right? As usual you have wisdom and insight. Thank you!

  3. I've been out of gas myself a fee times. It happens. I hope, like Duffy says, you experience some break-throughs soon!