Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 37: Ro-Brutalized No more

Today was 330 with roberta. As I was getting ready for class at 3 I see my newly addicted newby, Andy, coming out of her 130 class. It's about his 5th or 6th class ever and he comes out red faced, dripping. I say, "Hi, How was class?". He comes up to me and says "why didn't you warn me? Did you know I was going to her class??" I said no and he staggers into the locker room, a total hot mess. He comes out ten minutes later, walking toward the studio door, looking for his shoes. I am sitting on the bench, dressed in yoga clothes, waiting for my own beating. He is still sweating and kind of sways as he puts his shoes on. I notice that he has a front pocket on his back shoulder. "Andy! You have your shirt on backwards!" I yell across the studio. I am laughing so hard I can hardly stay on the bench. I am laughing this hard because I know he just got Ro-Brutalized. He chuckles and turns his shirt around. Then he comes to sit next to me, still sweating, trying to recover. He jokingly says he almost pissed in camel as he, I and Roberta are talking. I am laughing, but she is telling him how good he is doing for a newbie, and really , he is!
I go in at 330, ready for my beating. I decide to just breathe and it works! I have a solid class and actually enjoy the extreme heat. People are dropping like flies, but not me. I decide by sheer will that I will have a great class....and aside from my elbow that still hurts when I extend it....I do.

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