Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 46: YogaVangelist

Today was 530 with young Mark. I was still out of sorts and clumsy so I just did a mental shrug and trudged my way through another subpar class. Like Hannah said in the comments yesterday, it helps us to appreciate the rock solid classes. Amen sister! I'll appreciate the HECK out of my next good class.
I jokingly refer to myself as the "yogavangelist" for our studio. I am constantly bringing new people. Do they all fall in love with it? No, not very many fall for Bikram yoga head over tea kettle. When they do, it makes it worth all the ones that stood in the lobby, red faced, dripping, telling me I'm bat shit crazy. Totally worth it.
So, I've been trying to get a coworker to come. I really think it will help him so much. We went to lunch the other day and he said he would only try it if I privately explained it /showed it to him first. He is a bit nervous. So, after yoga tonight, I went to his house and we dragged his kitchen sink mat out to the backyard and I prepared to show him Bikram yoga. At first, as I was getting ready to explain/demonstrate the first breathing exercise I actually felt a bit nervous. He was looking at me so intently, ready to learn, curious. I was facing him and not a mirror, heat glaringly absent wondering if I would be able to properly demonstrate! I quickly shook that feeling off, realizing he's never seen it, he's not expecting me to do rockstar postures and wouldn't know the difference anyway! I went through the entire series, demonstrating modifications as I went. You know, like standing head to knee. Showing him how we will kick out and the teacher is telling you to (with dialog) but how it's perfectly fine to stay in the first part. As I was going through all of this, I was so happy, so peaceful, so joyful. My love for this yoga shone through my explanations and I KNEW that I absolutely have to be a bikram instructor someday. I know I keep saying I will go to training someday. That I want to. That it's a life goal. Actually what I realized tonight, sharing my joy because I really genuinely think it could help this man, is that being a bikram instructor is more than a goal....it's my calling.


  1. And THAT moment, my friend, when your eyes shine with the passion and everyone can see it, is WHEN you KNOW that this is your LIFE.

    The universe works in unfathomable ways, so don't rush it. When the time is right, all doors will open and it's all systems go :)

  2. Mei~ ah, you are so right. All I can do is put it out there in the universe and wait for the answer.

  3. But of course, you gotta take the first step and do it / want it! ;)

    Will tell you my fabulous way of how I quit my job and ended up unemployed for 6months to the detriment of my wallet, LOL