Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 36: Cool Connie

Today was 130 with Connie. The class was very sparse, due to the holiday weekend I'm sure. Looked like it was busy in the morning classes, but afternoon died off. She decided to give us a labor day treat and go easy on the heat and humidity. Oddly enough, I was still sweating as badly as I did during my double yesterday, almost like my body is in some super charged detox mode. I had a pretty good class but felt a little stiff and sore during some of the postures. I'm getting a little better about handling my fear in the back bends and did not get dizzy today, actually went pretty deep, looking halfway down the back wall finally. I used to see the floor!
My elbow has really been bothering me. It hurts in locust, full locust, during sit ups, during camel, it's just a mess. I am hoping that the yoga will fix it and I'm sure the reason it hurts in the first place is the yoga! I probably did not pay full attention to form in some posture and hyper extended it or pulled something. It's bearable, so I'm just living with it for now, taking note and cataloguing it for future reference.


  1. When I hurt my elbow, it was from coming out of Locust in a way that allowed the elbow to pop some. It didn't hurt when I did it, but I relived tennis elbow for a couple of weeks as a result. And the yoga did cure it.

    Hope you are feeling better. You will probably be amazed at how much of your practice resides in your elbow for the next few sessions.

  2. Duffy~ it's good to hear that somebody else made it through. Mine is killing me right now! Thanks for the advice....