Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 50 Part Dos: She gets her Bikram on

So yes, I did go to 330 with Frank. I was a little tired at the very end (5 yoga classes in three days will do that to you) but otherwise it was a fairly good class. I felt pretty open, pretty flexible. That part was nice. It felt nice to be back in my Bikram room. It's sort of like being in love vs. settling. I'm in love with Bikram. Moksha was very nice, and I'll probably see Moksha once a week for a casual coffee date, but I'm committed to Bikram.
Yes, I am counting today as a double. So that means I only have one more to do to "catch up" and I have ten days left to do it in. I'll stalk the online schedule and see if there is a good 530/730 teacher combo again and hammer it out this week. I could do it tomorrow.....but I dont' want to! Just one tomorrow is all I can take! :)

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