Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1: Sucker Punched

2010. New beginnings. A fresh start. The year I turn 40. The year of the tiger, which is going to be a very favorable year for dogs (me). I woke up this morning giddy with anticipation. I'm going to accomplish things this year. This is the year the impossible becomes possible.
I went to 1130 class with Roberta. What ensued in the next 90 minutes was a disaster. My limbs were stiff and inflexible. My body was creaking, groaning moaning. Every posture hurt, even the breathing exercises. I felt like the rough year that was 2009 was breathing down my neck, robbing me of my fresh start. It raised a leg and kicked me in the ass. I staggered through a few more postures and it sucker punched me in the ear. I felt like I was wading through water. My breathing was raggedy and I was seeing spots. It felt like my first Bikram class ever. When class was over I sat on a bench in the lobby for 15 mins unable to move or speak.
Then after class I went to go get my daughter and got a speeding ticket. Crap. Not a good start to 2010. My daughter said "don't let this upset you. don't let today dictate your whole year. It's going to be a great year mom!"
She's right. It is going to be a great year. 2009 you may have shoved me down onto my mat today, and tried to follow me to 2010 but I'm standing back up, flipping you off. Good riddance, I'm done with you! The year of the tiger doesn't start til Feb 14th anyway. That's good right?


  1. Aw, poor thing!! Don't be scared, it'd take more than one crappy day to stop you from absolutely rocking out this year. :)

  2. You did the toughest class and now it can only get better!
    It looks like the year 2009 tries to bite on to you in the but and follow into the new year. Lock your knee and tighten your but and it won't have anything to bite onto... ;)
    2009 is over and has to let go, you will have a great year!

  3. I am starting the 30 day challenge for the first time!
    Keep blogging.

  4. I had a less than stellar class too! The toe stand yesterday may have pulled my hamstrings and glute muscles, making it really hard to touch forehead to knee. This is from today's class, "It's not yoga perfect, it's yoga practice". Hope that helps!

  5. I hate when that happens, you feel kind of defeated from the start. I've started looking at the warm up section up to party time as not really part of the practice. I still bring my all to them, but if they are less than stellar I can say oh well, the practice start now. I'd also say don't let it get you down for tomorrow, I quite often have really strong class the day after a horrible one. Best of luck with the next class!

  6. Listen to your daughter...sounds like she's as smart as her mom! 2010 WILL be a great year for you. You are going into it with a positive attitude, and attitude can change everything. keep that chin up :)!

  7. Thank you all so much for the encouragement! It helped me go into day 2 with a bit more courage!

  8. Hi M! I think your daughter is just the sweetest to encourage and give you support. She's totally right and I know you know it. It sucks when we have days like that but you stuck with it and got through. Congrats!