Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7: The Professional

Today was 5pm up at Summerlin with Misha. I'm loving my temporary home. It's my home away from home. Misha was on staff at the fall 2009 teacher training that took place here in Las Vegas. I introduced myself to her yesterday as I was leaving. Not so sure that was the best idea, as that meant she now knows my name. I soon figured out she knows everybodys name and you CANNOT HIDE. This girl is incredible. She walked in tonight with a smile on her face yet somehow I knew.... She. Meant. Business. I immediately stood a bit taller and tried to stop fidgeting. She started the class with poise, confidence, killer dialog, corrections to student after student, never skipping a beat. She was fantastic. At some point I'm absolutely sure she corrected or adjusted verbally each and every student by name. The teachers pet that lurks inside of me wanted to dazzle her with a strong practice. Once I realized my mind was even thinking that I reigned myself back in....whoa Michelle! Pace yourself! I had some difficulty in triangle (I'm trying to get used to carpet again after going to "old" studio with plastic floors and turning my towel) but overall had a pretty good class. She even coached me through floor bow, telling me to kick more with my left leg (I was uneven) and then bring my thighs in and look back for my toes! (I've yet to see them, but man my legs are really up there in that posture!!)
I told her after class she reminded me of Brandy. I hold a special place in my heart for Brandy (she is now teaching in India, she also won the Regional Yoga Championships last fall) and when somebody reminds me of her (Lacey did!) I find myself seeking that person out. Brandy always pushed me, but in a good way....she believed in me more than I've ever been able to believe in myself in this yoga. I will be seeking out more Misha classes for sure!


  1. Wow, girl, you are in a great place over there. I just read the instructor schedule for Summerlin, and it kinda made me want to hop in my car and drive all night to Vegas...

  2. J~ You'll be here in a few months! :) and yes, I'm in a great place....bliss!

  3. I love Misha! She taught me once my first week ever back in August. When she came back, she remembered me! That's crazy! In a recent class, she said to me during Triangle, "Greg, why do you wait for us to tell you? Touch your toes!" That about sums her up:)

    Oh and J, yes, we have some seriously good teachers in our city!

  4. I had the super pleasure of taking Brandy's classes when I lived in Utah. I'd never thought to out those words to it, but you're right: she believed in me more than I'd believed in myself with this yoga. :)

    Love reading your posts; thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Greg~ I agree! We do have great techers here, and lots of great visiting teachers!
    Catherine~ aw, I bet you had Brook then also. Love themm both!
    Cat~ I knooooooow! :(