Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28: The Universe Intervenes On My Behalf

I haven't written about any of this, but once I knew Red Rock was not going to re-open at all and that my old studio was going in a non-Bikram direction, I knew I had a choice to make. Go sign up at Summerlin, and try to get used to the 7pm class. This wasn't a pleasant choice for oh so many reasons. The studio~love love love it. The teaching staff is amazing, the owner an absolute doll and the ambiance is incredible. The times: 5pm is too soon, I can't make it and 7pm, doesn't work for me and isn't something I could see myself committing to long term. I've been roaming around in bookstores to kill time between work and the 7pm because I KNOW I won't go to yoga if I go home first, not to mention the extra gas to go home. Then getting home so late after class is terrible, and oh, did I mention, when do you eat dinner???
So I had resigned myself to going to the old studio, everyday at 5:30 and just taking whatever hot yoga they offer at that time. I packed my bag this morning, prepared to go the the 5:30 75 min Moksha flow at the old studio. I also was trying to figure out what to say here, on this blog, for my last post. Why keep updating bikramyogachick's blog about Bikram challenges when I'm not doing Bikram anymore, right? There were good things about that decision. Like maybe I've outgrown this space. Maybe it's time for me to move on from blogging. I wasn't going to do it forever anyway. I was going to blog through the challenge, then a little about teacher training here in Vegas in the spring and then stop. For good? I don't know, maybe. The other positive was that I love yoga in general, so of course I will love these other forms of yoga. I just need to be patient and learn them, just like with Bikram.
So with my decision made, I headed to work....and fretted. I felt anxiety over this decision. Why? It's not a big deal. It's just yoga for crying out loud! At the end of the day, an opportunity fell into my lap. After a discussion with my boss, changing my shift to 7 to 4 was actually favorable. I left work at 4:30 and turned in the opposite direction of the old studio and ditched the moksha class. I headed up to the bookstore and killed time before going to Summerlin for the 7pm. I walked in and smiled. Frank was teaching. Students greeted me, the room was hot and steamy. I threw my mat down in the front row next to Joel, a regular from the old studio who has been up at Summerlin since it opened. I proceeded to rock the crap out of that practice. I held standing bow 1st set second side the WHOLE time and second set, both sides I came out just a breath before Frank said "change". Standing head to knee was also very solid. Frank said "good Mish, very strong" after second set. Joy flooded through my body. Two great classes in a row! I had suffered terribly so many classes the first 26 days. Have I come out on the other side? It doesn't matter. Even if I have to suffer again, this is my passion. It's my home. So I'm still here. Still blogging, until the end of the challenge at least, still doing Bikram (the 5pm class starting next week with my new shift!!! Yippee!!!!) and still going to knock this challenge out of the park! The universe has's OK if all I want to do is Bikram right now. So the universe figured it all out for me. All I had to do was follow my feelings.


  1. That is SO amazing! I'm glad you're still gonna blog and do the challenge. congrats on your strong & great classes, too.

  2. That is wonderful. It's great when a path just appears that you thought didn't exist. It sounds from the post like bikram was what you wanted all along and the other option was just a fall back plan. Stick with your passion and it will be all right. And congratulations on the strong class.

  3. I must say, my friend, that the universe had no part in this. YOU figured it out for yourself. Take the credit. You wanted to make something happen---continuing with Bikram, not Moksha or whatever---and you made it happen. Good for you!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. what's the difference between bikram and moksha? is it heated also?

  5. The issue is then solved :-) as it has a good outcome! I am SO Happy for you!

    I think your strength will return now when you know you have a "home" again and you will feel more peace at heart.

    Big Hug

  6. I agree. 5 PM is much better than 7!

  7. The stars aligned for you! And why wouldn't they? I felt the same when I found out the 2 late classes were offered on tues/thurs, the nights that I have school. This is great news =)

  8. First off, I'm glad to hear that your sticking to your Bikram goal.

    I don't know the area you live in, and what type of comute you have to your studio. I go to yoga at all times of the day so it can work into my schedule. Today I did the 6:AM, not my favourite time to wake up, but I really enjoy the challenge. Other days of the week I go to the 8:PM class, and eat late. I'm finding that the more I change up the time of my class the more I benefit.

    Good luck on the rest of your challenge!