Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20: Part two

Today was 5:30 with Roberta. Although I didn't suffer like I have some other classes, I still had a less than stellar class. I'm not even upset or frustrated. I have decided that this challenge is just different than others and even if the next 81 classes continue down this same path I will not judge. I will just practice.

Oprah Magazine featured an article written by a woman who embarked on a 60 day Bikram yoga challenge. This woman was 80 pounds overweight and at the end of her rope for various reasons. Part two finally came out.
Here is the link to the original article: Can you transform your whole life in 60 days?

And here is the highly anticipated part two: The 60 day makeover part II



  1. Good way to go, letting go of how this challenge is moving on. They are all different and have there own agenda that will unfold for us.

  2. He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom...................................................

  3. I have to say, I was kind of disappointed by the Oprah articles. What did you think of them??

    Also, yes, no judging your practice. Your body and your yoga is at a totally different point during this challenge than in previous ones. Taking it all in stride is really all you can do, right?

  4. That's right. No judging. I had couple of weeks where practicing just did not feel good. I didn't know why but I was not even happy to be there. All that passed and I'm back to be happy. Back to enjoying the teachers little stories. Back to smiling in class. Good days are just around the corner for you Miss Michelle!

  5. I liked Part I more than Part II of those articles. But overall, they were still great, and hopefully inspire a lot of new people to try out Bikram.

  6. AHappyYogi~ It is in my nature to beat myself up and be frustrated, so deciding the let it go is hard, but necessary! :)
    Hannah~ The first few paragraphs of the second article made me nervous. I didn't see the point. Also, the finish was kinda weak....I think you and I could have written something much better regarding a Bikram challenge for O mag!!!!
    Traci~ Thanks so much! Your comments always make me feel so good! A sliver of sunshine on a cloudy day. :)
    Greg~ Part two was sort of anti-climatic huh?

  7. Part two was more like premature ejaculation.

    "WAS THAT IT?" *disappointed face.