Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19: An Inspiring Yogi is a Compassionate Teacher

Today was 7pm with Marc.
First let's just get this out of the way: I. did. not. die. I had a NORMAL class. Ho-freakin'-Ray!
Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about Marc shall we?
Ahem. **smoothes hair**
I was a little nervous about taking Marc's class. The times I go to Summerlin he's always there. He is either teaching or taking multiple classes. He practices in the back row, quietly. I've snuck a few glances in the mirror when we happen to be in the same class and he has such a beautiful focused practice with awesome postures. He is the perfect combination of both strength and flexibility. Here is where I'm reminded that you should never make assumptions. We know what that does (yes, I am the ass in this story). I was worried that due to sheer volume of yoga this guy does that he may be super super hard. I'm ok with hard. I mean look at me, I LOVE the teachers I call hard (Brandy, Misha, Roberta....). However, after hitting the wall several times and only being on day 19 I was a bit worried. I demoted myself from front row tonight and parked my mat about halfway back, center of the room, under a fan. Marc came in and started the class. The first thing I noticed about him was his relaxed demeanor.
With a big grin he said "Who is doing the 60 day challenge?" Several of us raised our hands. He made it a point to count us and say how great that is that we are doing it. Then he launched into breathing and I realized......
He loves teaching! I could tell right away, this guy really loves everything about this yoga. Practicing, teaching, talking about it, being in the studio, connecting with other yogis. He led the class with confidence, encouragement, compassion.
Marc: "Good (insert student name), now try this (minor tweak)"
Marc: "Very good (insert another name) , (right back into dialog)
He was doing dialog, noticing good things I swear about each student! He knew so many names and didn't skip a beat. I have a new favorite teacher. I think I now have ten that are in my "top five'. What can I say, the Summerlin studio has TALENT. The teaching staff there is absolutely phenomenal. Top notch. If you come to Las Vegas, you must try it. See the purple icon in the top right corner of my blog? That's them. Book mark them so you can detox next time you come to Vegas to retox.


  1. What a happy story!! Can't wait to get out there. I hope that's how I'M gonna be... people only THINK I'm gonna be scary but I'm actually very nice! Hehehe...

  2. J~ don't laugh but I was kinda thinkin' this guy is the male version of you. You two would hit it off like gang busters. Seriously. :)

  3. Hope I will be able to go to the States soon. I will need to look for a good conference for the company to send me to. :-)

  4. LAUGH?!?! How about, jump around the kitchen in glee??? I'm so flattered... and I keep bumping my Vegas arrival date forward cause I so want to play with you all... T minus LESS THAN THREE MONTHS!

  5. I loved how I misread the Summerlin part when you first put the banner there. I thought "hmm how strange, why would she recommend a studio in Laughlin when you're in Vegas that's a bit of a trek. I better look this up on the map, maybe it's Laughlin Ave or something. *open google map* Oh but that's right up by Summerlin. Doh!"

    I totally love the 10 teachers in the top 5 list. I'm getting there too, one day soon I'm sure it'll be a 100. Let's just make a little more room, squeeze in.

  6. Ah yes. There you go BYC. So happy you had a wonderful class. It always amazes me the energy these teachers give to the students. Truly Bikram teachers are a special breed. I do the same thing too! I feel like every time I take a class I have a new "favorite" teacher. Have anothe great practice tonight!

  7. very helpful to hear what you love about this teacher... gives me ideas to take into the studio! Learning names and using them to inspire people (along with dialogue) is the mark of a truly great teacher!

  8. Yay, a good class. And J has to come to Green Valley too! Especially since she can take Advanced there:)

  9. There are definitely some studios that are so on the ball with their teachers!

    When I come to Vegas, I will def try to get to class at Summerlin and get in touch with you so we can practice together!

  10. ActionJoJo~ If you ever come to Vegas, you better! I LOVE meeting blogging yogis and practicing with them! I've met Mei and Dancing J so far. So much fun!