Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13: Yoga Hangover

Today was 530 up at the old studio. I've told you that they no longer do Bikram on Tues/Thurs and that's why I have been supplementing my practice up at Summerlin. Well, as of Feb 1st Bikram will be gone completely from that studio. I'm not surprised, they changed their name on Jan 1st so the writing was on the wall. My home studio, Red Rock, is still closed for exterior repairs, no ETA on the re-open. Which means from Feb 1st to ?? I will be full time up at Summerlin. Which means I will have to either a) figure out how to make that 5pm class work even though it's across town and I get off work at 4:30 or b)get used to going at 7pm every weeknight. I'm not thrilled about option b. I think I will try to swing the 5. All sorts of things are running through my mind trying to figure out making this work (can you picture me changing in my car? LOL). It just reminds me of how lucky I have been in the past to have the perfect setup. A studio that was close to home and work with class times that worked for me. I had the red carpet rolled out for me! I might as well have been picked up in a limo with my yoga crush waiting in the back and us scheduled for a couples massage after class!
One way or another, I will make this work! (I like the limo/yoga crush idea though)

After hearing that news I trudged into the locker room to change. Reggi was there and I was very happy to see her. We got caught up before class on the benches in the hall and walked into a very busy room for 5:30 Bikram. I felt sluggish and could not balance. After the arse kicking last night, it felt like I had a bit of a yoga hangover. I tried my best, but was only running at about 75 percent. The person teaching is already teaching the other forms of yoga at this studio so is not verbatim on dialog. I found this difficult in some postures. Kind of like, "wait does she want us to kick out yet? She didn't say kick. Others have started to kick. Ok, I'll kick out. Oh, now she just said elbows down, I guess she wanted us to kick" and so forth the entire class. This just made me really appreciate the very precise commands of the Bikram dialog. It allows you to let it be "the teachers mind, your body". You can become one with the dialog and move in that 90 minute meditation. Tonight reminded me of why I love Bikram yoga.


  1. "The teacher's mind, your body" -- so true!! When the teacher has precise dialogue, all we have to do is let our mind go and simply listen and follow the direction. The dialogue is so amazing.

    Hope your yoga studio situation will work out! Getting to class really is the hardest part; once you are in the hot room, it is just a matter of following the dialogue! :)

  2. Iz~ I don't know what has gotten into me lately (dancing J maybe??) but I'm really really understanding the power of the dialog. It's incredible! You are so right...getting there is more than half the battle! :)

  3. Amen on the power of the dialogue. It's so precise and packed with information.

  4. To continue the dialogue convo :-)
    An image comes to mind when the (small) mind is taking over. The mind just turns into a grimy wheel, the cogs all grinding away. It's stopped dead in its little tracks when I get back to the dialgoue.

    And yeah, it's prob the Dancing J's dia-love that got me to appreciate it more, too.

  5. Wow!!! You guys give me too much credit. But that doesn't mean I don't love it. I'm just happy that the dia-love (nice one E!) is spreading. :)

  6. Turn the dialogue of from your ears as you know the dialogue and read it to yourself. That is how I do it if I have a teacher with a crappy dialogue or like when I was in Vienna and didn't understand a word of it anyway.

  7. "Yoga hangover." Ahh, that is so perfectly put. Because we ALL know that feeling. And we all know that what cures it best is probably even more time in that damn hot room. :)

  8. That sucks about the studio. I hope Red Rock opens up again soon!

  9. Oh I hear ya, I'd rather do the 5 than 7 too! It's really funny that I do the 6:30 as my normal class but the extra half hour later...just don't like it. I know you'll make it work :) And the whole changing in the car thing? Yep, been there done it. Not proud of it but what can ya do? I must see this yoga crush you speak of! Must be a cutie pie!

  10. Sisya~ very precise~
    Yolk E~ dia-love ...that is great!
    dancing j~ spread the dia-love. your new edict!
    AHappyYogi~ read it to yourself...I like that!
    hannah~ yoga hangover...can't really describe what it is, but I know you know what I'm talking about! :)
    Greg~ I know, right! Ugh!
    Tracik~ he is. **blushes** I guess I should say hi to him or something!