Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16: A Dramatic Exit

Today was 1:30 at the old studio with new teacher Michael. He just graduated with the Fall 2009 TT class here in Vegas. He's taught classes, but this was the first time I've attended. I absolutely love watching the new teachers. It makes me excited for the day when I finally figure out how to get to training myself. The class was pretty darn crowded but not very hot. Michael was very personable, much like Jason's class. In addition, Michael had a nice inflection to his dialog. His voice is on the deeper side and it was mellow and soothing. His daughter was in class. She's adorable. During balancing stick he said "capital T as in Tia"(that's her name) and those of us who knew he was referring to his daughter are in balancing stick going "awwww".
My cold made a dramatic exit and is now completely gone. What used to take 7 days to get rid of now gets knocked out quickly doing this yoga. It doesn't even get a chance to settle in and the yoga flushes it out. The dramatic exit came in the form of my body deciding to sweat like a maniac even though the room was not very hot. We were in eagle posture and I heard "splash, plunk, drip". I saw my elbows dripping onto my mat/towel like crazy. The room was probably 101 and in the 30's. I was dripping like it was 110, 50 percent and Roberta or Misha kicking my butt! This continued though the entire class. When I left, I could tell that the cold had left and I felt strong and healthy. Now to plan my double. Next weekend for sure, maybe during the week if I am feeling good after a 5pm and want to stick around for a 7. I'll just keep packing extra stuff all week.
I posted on the group blog today. Come check it out here.


  1. That's awesome that your cold is gone!! This yoga really speeds up recovery time :) Glad you are feeling strong again!

  2. In the last year I've thought, several times, that I was coming down with whatever cold or flu my partner, coworkers, or neighbors were suffering from, and every single time, hot yoga kicks the sick right out of me in a day or two. Isn't it amazing?

    And thank you for your inspiring post on the group blog!

  3. It is so great that you are well again and the yoga is amaizing to get it out of the body emedeiately.
    The cold I had going on as we started the challenge I got during Christmas when traveling to my family and there was no time for yoga. I think if I had been at a daily class then as well it would have disapered faster.

  4. *cough.



    Glad to hear you're much better!

  5. Iz~ It does speed it up! Amazing!
    Sisya~ I'm glad you liked it!
    AHappyYogi~ Thank goodness you are back in the saddle now!
    Mei~ *sniff
    **clears throat**
    hope you are better too!

  6. Yay M!!! I'm glad you kicked that cold to the curb!

    Based on everyone's testimonies, instead of shirking away and nursing an oncoming cold, I will go to daily bikram instead!

  7. JoJo~ Your cold sounds like it has settled in your chest, so just be careful. **hugs**

  8. The Bikram magic strikes again:)